If you a checking something expensive onto a commercial flight, include a gun, because it allows you to use a lock that baggage handlers and TSA agents cannot routinely open and rifle through.

It’s a federal regulation.

Once TSA inspects the bag, you put YOUR lock on it, and your valuables are secured

Just remember, it cannot be loaded:

I was talking with a friend who works and travels with drones.

Since his equipment costs tens of thousands of dollars it’s at high risk of being stolen at the airport during checked luggage handling.

The drone industry’s travel safety hack?

Throw a gun in with your drone.

— Kiki Schirr 史秀玉 🗝🗝✂️ (@KikiSchirr) January 8, 2020

TSA requires that gun cases remain locked post-inspection for the duration of travel, locked with a lock only you (and not TSA) has a key for.

Further, any case with a gun is practically escorted through the airport after being checked because it can NOT be lost.

Odd #lifehack

— Kiki Schirr 史秀玉 🗝🗝✂️ (@KikiSchirr) January 8, 2020

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