Drunk/Live Blogging the Democratic Debates

11:10pm: Going to the Daily Show.

11:08pm: Klobuchar calls for radical moderation, meh.
Steyer: vote for me, I am a billionaire.
Buttigieg: The real problem is the division in our body politic. (F%$# that)
Warren: Lists the real problems in our society, sells hope.
Sanders: How do most of the population live paycheck to paycheck in the richest country in history?
Biden: We need to restore America’s soul. First time I’ve hear something compelling from him.

11:03pm: Closing statements.

10:58pm: More ads. Also, an ad for E-Verify on hiring illegals. This needs to be addressed by whoever is the nominee.

10:56pm: Biden is asked about Trump’s lying, Biden pivots to how Trump is a liar, and how the children 2will not do as well as their parents. Good ppitn.

10:53pm: Buttigieg talks about how he can can go against Trump because he is a veteran, like Kerry want up against Bush?

10:52pm: Seriously, Tom Steyer is weak tea.

10:50pm: Sanders goes medieval on Donald Trump’s ass. Good.

10:49pm: They finally go to Buttigieg’s aggressively racist policies. He lies through his teeth.

10:47pm: Joe Biden, again, “Obama, Obama, Obama.” Lame.

10:46pm: Sanders calls out the fossil fuel industries.

10:44pm: Klobuchar talks up natural gas. Not a good moment.

10:44pm: Warren pivots from climate change to corruption. Good.

10:42pm: Charlie has taken the bottle from me so I don’t die.

10:39pm: Finally, climate change.

10:38pm: Warren notes that the Trump administration is fundamentally, and deeply, corrupt. Good moment.

10:36pm: Steyer, correctly IMHO, says that he contributed to dragging the Congress kicking and screaming into impeachment. His best line so far.

10:35pm: Klobuchar unloads whup ass on McConnell’s tactics on impeachment, and invokes Joseph Welch, “Have you no decency,” good moment for her.

10:33pm: Impeachment is brought up. Biden gets first question. Says impeachment is inevitable, and that Trump has not done his f%$#ing job.

10:29pm: More advertising. I am on the ragged edge of coherence now.

10:27pm: Steyer is the first who brings up race, talking about how “Black and Brown” students need support. Good for him.

10:25pm: Klobuchar talks about home health care assistants, because we all want to be home health care assistants, I guess.

10:25pm: Warren notes (IMHO correctly)c that the rich are paying for this.

10:24pm: Buttigieg talks about means testing for for public tuition at public colleges. This is an excuse to do nothing.

10:22pm: Biden invokes the death of his first wife and daughter, and talks tax-credit. Meh.

10:21pm: Warren talks about childcare for all, Sandres is stronger and talks about how it is a basic human right, and how providers should be paid more.

10:19pm: Childcare comes up, and goes to Buttigieg first, and gives a good statement.

10:17pm: Klobuchar talks about drug reimportation. It’s a good issue for her.

10:15pm: To Warren, why should the government produce drugs to drive down drug prices. Warren goes full “competition” and capitalist to her bones.

10:13pm: Steyer is correct in making a (weak) analogy between the current healthcare system and rape.

10:12pm: Sanders: “We are finally going to have to stand up to the health care industry.”

10:06pm: The various debate participants are talking past each other on Medicare for All

10:02pm: Sanders notes that M4A saves money for the overwhelming majority of the American electorate. Tru dat.

10:00pm: Klubachar restates the moderate mantra, “Better things are not possible!”

9:58pm: Healthcare for all. Sanders: Take on the greed and the corruption of the healthcare industry. Yaaasss!!!!

9:50pm: Ad break. Sharon* will not be amused by by my level of inebriation. Ron Reagan, Jr. had his atheist ad up. Kewl.

9:50pm: Warren makes a good point, than women have over-performed in recent elections.

9:49pm: This colloquy over who has won and when is bullsh%$.

9:48pm: Klobuchar addresses issue, and really talks about nothing, even more than Buttigieg.

9:46pm: Warren responds. Talks about bringing the party together.

9:43pm: Brings up the Warren statement about Sanders if a woman can be elected president. Sanders denies.

9:41pm: I REALLY am feeling the booze now.

9:40pm: Steyer uses the trade deals to say that climate must be front and center. He finally engages his signature issue.

9:40pm: (OK, I have a serious buzz going on) Warren notes that the trade deals are corrupt, with the multinationals setting the agenda.

9:38pm: Sanders notes that the trade deals are about advantaging large multinational corporations. Wants to hold the corporate robber barons responsible.

9:36pm: Joe Biden invokes artificial intelligence? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

9:35pm: Klobuchar’s response, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. I think that we know her strategy here.

9:34pm: Warren says that new NAFTA is better the old deal, and we should follow up. Sanders notes that this never happens, and that the trade deals are negotiated by and for rich pigs. (not his word)

9:31pm: Sanders asked about opposing the new NAFTA. This is in his wheel house, and he talks about competing with starvation wages, and notes that there is nothing regarding anthropogenic climate change.

9:29pm: Steyer makes a good point: Before a summit, the staff has to cross the “I”s and dot the “T”s.

9:28pm: Biden says that he would not go to an unconditional meeting with Kim Jung Un.

9:27pm: Klobuchar is asked, “What if JCPOA falls apart.” She correctly notes that that is not a certainty. I would add, if my grandmother had balls, he would be my grandfather. And then she spoils it by calling Iran a terrorist regime. Moron.

9:25pm: Buttigieg correctly slams Trump for walking away from the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA).

9:24pm: Steyer must hate Blitzer for asking about nothing but war, it plays to his weakness.

9:23pm: Warren talks about how generals keep insisting that we have turned the corner in Afghanistan, we are going in circles. good line

9:20pm: Biden is asked about committing troops without Congress, as Obama did, and says that they used the 2001 AUMF, which is bullsh%$.

9:18pm: Biden wants a significant special forces footprint. Then you need infantry to protect them. Rinse, lather, repeat.

9:16pm: Buttigieg goes on about the sacrifices of the soldiers without saying much.

9:15pm: Warren has a good point, that our presence there does not do any good.

9:12pm: Joe Biden is arguing for a continued ground troop presence in the Middle East.

9:12pm: Bernie Sanders has the first good line of the debates, that the two greatest foreign policy disasters of recent memory, Iraq and Afghanistan, were based on lies. In response to “what about ISIS” question.

9:12pm: Tom Steyer’s response: War is just like international finance. F%$#ing asshole billionaires.

9:07pm: Same question to Klubuchar and Buttigieg, both non-answers.

9:04pm: Blitzer notes that Sanders voted for Afghanistan, Sanders says that he was wrong, and we need to get out.  Biden invokes the Obama administration again.

9:03pm: Biden’s response, Obama, Obama, and, can I say it? Obama?  Take a drink (this time, 80 Proof Jim Beam®, not the hellacious 151 rum.

9:01 pm: Sanders gets the first question!  He explains that he was right on Iraq.

9:00 pm: Crap.  Wolf f%$#ing Blitzer is on the panel, and his first question is what makes you qualified to be commander and chief.

*Love of my life, light of the cosmos, she who must be obeyed, my wife.

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