Of Course They Did

The Washington, DC Attorney General has sued the Trump inaugural committee for self-dealing when it overpaid for events at Trump properties.

This is perhaps the least surprising big of corruption revealed today:

D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine sued President Trump’s inaugural committee and business Wednesday, alleging that the committee violated its nonprofit status by spending more than $1 million to book a ballroom at Trump’s D.C. hotel that its staff knew was overpriced and that it barely used.

During the lead-up to Trump’s January 2017 inauguration, the committee booked the Trump International Hotel ballroom for $175,000 a day, plus more than $300,000 in food and beverage costs, over the objections of its own event planner.

The committee was formed to organize the events around the inauguration, but Racine alleges it instead “abandoned this purpose and violated District law when it wasted approximately $1 million of charitable funds in overpayment for the use of event space at the Trump hotel.”

This sort of self-dealing is not surprising.

This corruption is endemic among not-for-profits, and when that is juxtaposed with the Trump crime family, the corruption is inevitable.

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