Bye Felicia

John Delaney, whose presidential run was demolished when Elizabeth Warren noted in the debates that he was, “Running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for,” has ended his Presidential campaign.

Good riddance to a man whose only political traction was that he was lending tens of millions of dollars to his own campaign.

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  1. Idle question: This Delany twit, of whom I've never heard, such was the success of his campaign, was running a self-financed campaign? If so, according to campaign finance law, he can keep, as profit, anything left over in his campaign coffers. Does he have to pay income taxes on that, since it's his own money?
    Mexican Bob O'Rourke cleared 2 mil, the leftovers of his war chest, when he quit, which isn't bad.
    Does Delany profit, as well?
    Properly handled, this could be a profitable scam…

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