Boeing Cannot Make Planes Anymore

It now looks like the Remote Vision System (RVS) for the Boeing KC-46 tanker is still not working properly, and may never do so, which would mean that the boom operator has to go back to a station at the rear of the aircraft:

The U.S. Air Force does not believe Boeing’s proposal for the KC-46 Remote Vision System (RVS) will meet the program’s critical performance parameters, according to a service official.

This is based on evidence the service has seen to date, Lt. Gen. Jon Thomas, Air Mobility Command deputy, told Aerospace DAILY Jan. 29.

“The tanker is not capable of all of its missions and won’t be until the problems with the Remote Vision System are fixed,” he said.

The Air Force is counting on the KC-46A Pegasus to recapitalize its tanker fleet and delays to the program only exacerbate the service’s capacity problem.

“It’s really hard for us to consider the KC-46 part of our operational capacity,” Thomas said.

Seriously, if there is anything in aviation where Boeing should be the center of excellence, it is aerial refueling, and they cannot get that right.

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