Iowa Caucuses Tonight

The vote count has not budged from 1.9% reporting for something like 2 hours.

In 2016, they were at over 90% reporting at this time, but since it appears that they employed the geniuses from the Clinton campaign who f%$#ed up their political models completely, the app is not working well, so the state party is holding results back for, “quality control”.

In reality, they aren’t holding back results for, “quality control.”

In the best case they are holding back for, “Employing blithering idiots to handle critical infrastructure,” and in the worst case, they are holding back results for, “Electoral fraud.”

I guess that we will find out in the morning.

Standings with 1.9% reporting, which means that it’s still a crap shoot are:

  1. Sanders (27.7%)
  2. Warren (25.1%)
  3. Buttigieg (23.8%)
  4. Klobuchar (11.8%)
  5. Biden (11.1%)

No analysis, because the numbers are to preliminary, and too dodgy, reports are that state party officials are verifying by hand, to make any analysis beyond this xkcd cartoon:


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