This May be the Stupidest Thing Ever

Seriously, posting your personal details on 4chan boards is not smart.

If you want to do a story on 4chan, or 8chan, take the following:

  • Don’t piss them off.
  • Get a burner phone, a dumb one, bought with cash that ties to none of financial information.
  • Get a burner email account, and read it only at the library.
  • Use an assumed name or code name.
  • Don’t piss them off.

You might also want to don CBW protective gear.

Finally, and I mean this with sincere respect, and no small amount of fear, do NOT f%$# with the chan.

Posting personal details on chan boards was a bad idea BEFORE everyone on them turned into literal Nazis. It is an even worse idea now.

— Sara Luterman (@slooterman) February 6, 2020

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