Bye Felecia Andrew

Cue Queen

Andrew Yang has suspended his presidential campaign:

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur with no previous political experience who evangelized a universal basic income and warned of the perils of automation, ended his longer-than-long-shot bid for president on Tuesday night after a yearslong campaign that endured even as those of members of Congress and governors dropped out.

Speaking to supporters inside a ballroom as New Hampshire’s primary results were coming in, Mr. Yang said “endings are hard” and that he had intended to stay in the race until the end.

“I am the math guy, and it’s clear from the numbers we’re not going to win this campaign,” he said. “So tonight I’m announcing that I am suspending my campaign.”

His campaign never cought fire, and I thought that has attempts at breaking through were clownish in a game-show sort of way, but he did have his fans, and unlike some **cough** Bloomberg and Buttigieg **cough** he did not appear to be particularly evil.

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