So Ready for the Giant Meteor

At his speech following the Super Tuesday results, Joe Biden was rushed by two vegan protesters, and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden went after one of them like Ray Nitschke.

This election is going to be a complete sh%$ show, and Donald John Trump is a master of the sh%$ show.

I am SO sick and tired of this bullsh%$.

I appreciate the fact that Jill Biden is a complete bad-ass, but I want to go and live in a f%$#ing cave:

It could have been a scene out of the romantic thriller “The Bodyguard,” except the hero of the moment in this case was not a trained agent but Jill Biden.

The sequence began as former vice president Joe Biden was delivering his victory speech in Los Angeles, thanking his supporters for his Super Tuesday comeback.

Suddenly, a protester rushed the stage wielding a “Let Dairy Die” placard. With the vegan protester just a few feet from her husband, Jill Biden clutched her husband’s right hand and interposed her body between him and the woman lunging at him.

About 10 seconds later, another anti-dairy industry protester stormed the stage. Reacting with lightning speed, the former second lady swung around, extended her arms, grabbed her by the wrists and then blocked her with a stiff-arm.

Wincing, she pushed the woman back as her husband and sister-in-law looked on with concern during the sudden confrontation.

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