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Italy is one of the countries hardest hit by the corona virus.

One of the hardest hit cities in Italy is Nembro.

Now the Mayor of Nembro and the CEO of a chain of Italian clinic have done an analysis of excess deaths indicating that in Italy, where testing and reporting is FAR more extensive than in the US, deaths from Covid-19 are at least 4 times more than reported.

It should be noted that in unsettled situations like wars and plagues, excess deaths is the generally the best way to get accurate numbers:

Nembro, one of the municipalities most affected by Covid-19, should have had – under normal conditions – about 35 deaths. 158 people were registered dead this year by the municipal offices. But the number of deaths officially attributed to Covid-19 is 31.

In Nembro the almost deserted streets, the absent traffic, a strange silence is sometimes interrupted by the siren of an ambulance that carries with it the anxiety and worry that fill the hearts of all in these weeks. In Nembro every member of the community continuously receives news that he never wanted to hear, every day we lose people who were part of our lives and our community. Nembro, in the province of Bergamo, is the municipality most affected by Covid-19 in relation to the population. We do not know exactly how many people have been infected, but we know that the number of deaths officially attributed to Covid-19 is 31. We are two physicists: one who became an entrepreneur in the health sector, the other a mayor, in close contact with a very cohesive territory, where we know each other very well. We noticed that something in these official numbers did not come back right, and we decided – together – to check. We looked at the average of the deaths in the municipality of previous years, in the period January – March. Nembro should have had – under normal conditions – about 35 deaths. 158 people were registered dead this year by the municipal offices. That is 123 more than the average. Not 31 more, as it should have been according to the official numbers of the coronavirus epidemic.

The difference is enormous and cannot be a simple statistical deviation. Demographic statistics have their «constancies» and annual averages change only when completely «new» phenomena arrive. In this case, the number of abnormal deaths compared to the average that Nembro recorded in the period of time in consideration is equal to 4 times those officially attributed to Covid-19. If a comparison is made between the deaths that have occurred and the same period in previous years, the anomaly is even more evident: there is a peak of «other» deaths in correspondence with that of the official deaths from Covid-19.

It may be that some of these from other causes that occurred because of an overloaded healthcare system, but the overwhelming majority of those excess deaths are from Covid-19.

These numbers also set the fatality rate at an absolute minimum of 1%.

Not good.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious bro. Absolute minimum 1% fatalities…1% of what? Confirmed cases? Hospital admissions? Total cases in the entire population which can only ever be estimated? I'll make it point to return to your silly "blog" so we can check to see just how many millions died….But by then you'll be claiming that millions were saved, never mind that can NEVER be proven.

    However, millions will be out of work and suffering due this massive overreaction. Will you be able to face the unthinkable fact that we did this entire destruction of our economy because of a bad flu season?! I suspect not, as they seem to have you captured…hook, line and sinker. But yes listen to experts, like Bill Gates….who claims we can only be "safe" again once we have his precious vaccine, and we'll have to have digital certificates of "immunity" in order to return to our lives…? Good luck with that and stay scared…they're counting on it…

  2. The numbers here are very simple: In the case of Nembro, excess deaths were in about of 1.1% of the total population, which means that if EVERYONE in Nembro was infected, the mortality rate would be 1.1%.

    If the infection rate was, for example, 75%, then the mortality rate from infection would be around 1.44% (smaller denominator).

    It's really basic math, and excess deaths is the gold standard for things like wars and epidemics.

    Very basic math.

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