That Which Can Be Destroyed by the Truth, Should Be

A number of California police departments are ignoring the law and refusing to information about their surveillance technology  documents, claiming copyright.

Let me the first to call bull sh%$:

California police are refusing to release documents about the surveillance technology it uses, despite a new law that requires their release.

On January 1, SB 978 went into effect, which requires the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to “conspicuously” publish all law enforcement agency training materials. The agency has said that it will not comply on copyright grounds.

Any attempt to download training materials concerning facial recognition technology or automated license plate readers (ALPRs), as well as materials relating to courses on the use of force, lead to a Word document that reads “The course presented has claimed copyright for the expanded course online.”

This is complete crap.

They don’t want the public about the technological terror that they have created, because they are afraid that the public will want to take away their new toys.

The police can go Cheney themselves.

*Credit to the author, P.C. Hodgell’s from her novel Seeker’s Mask.

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