And Now, The Other Trolls are Leaving the Times

When James Bennet was finally defenestrated for going a troll to far for publishing Tom Cotton’s call to unleash the military on protesters, I wondered when the pet trolls that he hired would be out the door.

After all, both have horrible records on accuracy, as well as abusive behavior towards their cow-orkers at the New York Times.

Well, now we have an answer for Bari Weiss (יִמַּח שְׁמו), as about 5 weeks.

This is not a surprise. The Times staff found her toxic for doing things like excoriating real journalists at the paper, who were then forbidden by policy from responding, and reporting an editor for declining to have coffee with her.

Hoping that Bret “Bedbug” Stephens, who is if anything even more abusive in his behavior than Weiss, is not long for the paper either.

It is quite possible to hire conservative columnists who, though they might frequently misstate the facts (Brooks and Douthat come to mind) do not contribute to a toxic work environment.

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  1. marku says:

    There is an amazing segment on Joe Rogan where Rogan mentions Tulsi Gabbard and Weiss responds, "Oh monstrously awful. She's an Assad toady". Rogan asks "What's a toady".

    She doesn't know. Then they get into why Gabbard might be awful. She doesn't know that either. It's like she's an empty headed actor that needs someone else to write the lines.

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