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Clearly, the problem is insufficient respect of police

After a police officer was placed on administrative leave for a profanity laden tirade against, his fellow officers issued a commemorative coin to celebrate his behavior:

Two months after a state trooper was captured on camera in a profanity-laced tirade during a traffic stop, a commemorative coin that honors him is circulating among his fellow troopers.

Trooper Matthew Spina, a 19-year veteran of the state police, was seen in video captured by the driver screaming profanities and commands as he orders the man out of the vehicle on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven in May.

“We’ve been made aware of a profane challenge coin that has the image of Connecticut State Police badge,” Brian Foley, an aide to Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner James Rovella, said. “We have no indication Trooper Spina created the coin.”

A law enforcement source said the coin has been circulating among state troopers and other police officers.


Spina was initially taken off the road shortly after the video of the traffic stop was posted, but records of a grievance filed with the state police show that he was later suspended.

The coin, which includes a state police insignia on the front with words that include “every [law enforcement officer]‘s hero,” also includes an apparent engraving of a trooper along with lines from the tirade viewed widely on YouTube.

The unholy glee that police show at the unprofessional and abusive behavior of their fellow officers is an indication of some profound and deep failures of cop culture.

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