The Hippie Punching Will Continue until Morale Improves

John Kasich will speak at the DEMOCRATIC PARTY national convention.

Yes, arguing that ideas, and ideals, don’t count for sh%$, and some random wing-nut can headline the convention because he hates Trump enough.

A brief curriculum vitae of Kasich:

  • Investment banker at Lehman until it collapsed.
  • Major force for the 1996 eat the poor welfare reform.
  • Repeatedly voted to cut Medicare.
  • Supported NAFTA.
  • Voted to impeach Clinton.
  • Had a Fox News show.
  • Supports criminalizing abortion.
  • Favored privatizing prisons.
  • Supported stripping labor rights from public servants.
  • Supported a balanced budget amendment.
  • Big on charter schools, and the largest charter school scandal of all time, happened while he was Governor.  (And aggressively supporting said charter)
  • Pro school vouchers.
  • Supported the Iraq war. (Now claims to have recanted) 

Yeah, just the guy you want talking at your f%$#ing convention.

Buck Fiden.

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