St. Louis Ken and Karen Charged

The McCloskeys have been charged with brandishing a weapon, and while it is unlikely that they will result anything beyond a deferred adjudication and some community service time.

Of course, given that their history, their record shows entitled hyper-hostile assholes, there is always the chance that they will screw up that period of good behavior.

One can only hope:

St. Louis’ top prosecutor on Monday charged a white husband and wife with felony unlawful use of a weapon for displaying guns during a racial injustice protest outside their mansion.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey are both personal injury attorneys in their 60s. Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner told The Associated Press that their actions risked creating a violent situation during an otherwise nonviolent protest last month.

“It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner — that is unlawful in the city of St. Louis,” Gardner said.


Gardner is recommending a diversion program such as community service rather than jail time if the McCloskeys are convicted. Typically, class E felonies could result in up to four years in prison.

I’m hoping for justice, but I’m realistic.

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