It’s Primary Night

Ilan Omar defeated the (former) union busting lawyer* whose campaign finance shenanigans were such that the Minnesota DFL filed an official complaint against him.

It wasn’t even close:

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday soundly defeated a well-funded primary challenger, the latest in a series of victories for liberals looking to secure their foothold in Congress and move the Democratic Party further left.

The Minnesota Democrat was leading Anton Melton-Meaux 57 percent to 39 percent with 96 percent of precincts reported when the race was called, putting to bed weeks of speculation that her career on Capitol Hill could be cut short by an opponent who argued Omar was more interested in fame than representing her district.

Residents of the Minneapolis-area district, however, chose the Somali refugee and first Muslim woman in Congress over Melton-Meaux, who raised a staggering $3.2 million last quarter from Omar critics around the nation. The race had become one of the most expensive House primaries this year, with each candidate bringing in north of $4 million.

On the less sane side of things, the crazy Q-Anon lady won her primary runoff in Georgia.

Florida man, meat Georgia woman:

In Georgia, however, Republicans didn’t have the same luck and in fact were up late into the night fretting over whether they should have done more to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was running to replace retiring Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.).

Greene, who runs a construction company, has endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory, which includes the idea that Trump is a messianic figure fighting the so-called deep state and that he alone can be trusted. She has also made a series of racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic comments in videos first reported on by Politico in June.

In one, Greene suggested that Black people “are held slaves to the Democratic Party.” She also called liberal investor George Soros a Nazi and filmed a campaign ad depicting her cocking a semiautomatic rifle while warning antifa, a loose collection of activists who oppose fascism and have sometimes embraced property damage and violent protest in recent years, to “stay the hell out of northwest Georgia.” Facebook removed the ad from its website.

Seriously, our politics are beginning to draw unflattering comparisons to Wiemar Germany.

*Mr. Melton-Meaux was a partner in the Jackson Lewis law firm, which has union busting as one of its core competencies.
Their other core competency is defending sexual harassers and bigot employers, and he has written extensively on how non disclosure agreements (NDAs) are a good thing and that #Metoo is a “Scarlet Letter” for employers.
Yeah, he also suggested that Black Lives Matter protesters should be protesting the quality of public schools instead of protesting being murdered in the streets and treated like dogs, because charter schools are not going to fund themselves.

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