Looks like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue

President* Trump has been helicoptered to Walter Reed after testing positive for the Corona virus.

They are claiming that it’s moderate symptoms, but it’s only been about 24 hours since he started to showing signs of the infection, so it’s likely to get worse.

What’s more, it appears that there was a super-spreading event at the roll-out of his Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett, with numerous reporters, staffers, and a few Senators testing positive.

There seems to be a plethora of folks who are offering insincere. “Thoughts and prayers,” for Trump.

I will not be one of them.


  1. Quasit says:

    The hypocrisy I've been seeing among too many self-proclaimed leftists is sickening. I'm sure they'd have offered thoughts and prayers for Hitler, and shamed anyone who wished for his death, too.

    Not that Trump is the main problem. What we need is for the entire oligarchy, political establishment, and the media elite to catch Covid-19 too – with 100% fatality.

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