Drunk Blogging the Debates

Final analysis:  Biden did not lose, so he won.

Trump really didn’t make a case for himself though.

I am at no risk of alcohol poisoning at this juncture, so I call this personal win.

The debate is over, thank God.

It was far less chaotic than I had anticipated.

OK, I have learned that rum and coke is dangerous.

This may be the drunkest I have ever been in a debate.

F%$# this, I need to watch cat videos.

A quick note:  Biden just has to not lose.

He has managed not to lose so far.

Trump is talking about the bird kills and massive carbon footprint of windmills.

This is a lie.

He goes back to claiming that Biden will ban fracking.  (False)

Had to feed the cats some wet food to make sure that Destructo gets enough water in his diet.

I am so f%$#ing sh%$faced right now.

Anthropogenic climate change comes up.

Trump has a valid queation, “Why didn’t you  do anything you get anything done in the 8 years that you were VP?”  About crime.

This is a talking point of his, but it is accurate.

Biden actually admits to his earlier crime bills were a mistake.

I am completely sh%$ faced.

Biden, “This guy has a dog whistle as big as a fog horn.”


Moderator confronts Trump on his racist rhetoric.

Trump claims to be the least racist person in the room.  Only if David Duke is stuck with him in an elevator.

Trump brings up a valid point:  Biden has over 40 years in politics, and over 8 years as VP, and these things were never addressed.

Don’t know whether this will stick.

Thank god for real-time spell checking.  Without it, this will be comepletely incpomprehensible.

I am unequivocally drunk.

Biden correctly reminds people that Trump called for the innocent kids from the Central Park 5.

Biden talks relatively honestly, but does not mention his role in shepherding Clinton’s horrible crime bill through the Senate.

Trump brings up the 1994 crime bill.  (True)  And claims that he has done more for the minority community than anyone since Lincoln (F%$#ing lie).

Trump talks up opportunity zones, which is money to rich white developers like ……… Donald Trump.

Race in America.

Talking about “The Talk” that minorities have to give their kids a talk about how cops will just shoot you.

The colloquy over immigration is just dueling liars.

Trump is horrible and cruel, and Obama, and by extension Biden, was horrible and cruel.

Trump talks about immigrant murders and rapists.  Take an drink.

Trump makes the point that punitive immigration policies start with Obama.  The cages, etc.

That is actually true.  

Take a drink.

Trump talks about the beautiful wall.

There is not enough alcohol in the world.

$15.00/hr minimum wage.

Trump says, “Leave it up to the states,” just like segregationists said about civil rights.


Trump says that the stimulus is a bailout for blue cities and states, and handouts to illegal aliens.

When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither is on you side, pound the table.

Trump accuses Nancy Pelosi of playing politics with stimulus.  Well, duh!

Trump claims that Biden living in Scranton as a kid is a fraud.

I need to drink more.

Trump says that Kamala Harris is more liberal than Bernie Sanders.

I am clearly not drinking ENOUGH.

Biden notes that his plan adds a public option, and that he is opposed to single payer.

Bad move, let the ambiguity benefit your electoral prospects.  Single payer polls over 50% with Republicans.

Trump claims that Biden will create a single payer system.

This is:

  • Not true.
  • A stupid thing to accuse Biden of, it’s like accusing Biden of supporting motherhood.

Shifts to Amy Coney Barret and Obamacare.

Trump claims credit for eliminating the personal mandate, and that Obamacare sucks.  

He’s right that Obamacare sucks, but he has no plan, and if he did it would be worse.

The moderator is losing control.  Will they cut the mic?

The DPRK comes up.

Trump’s claims of his wonderful relationship with Kim are bullsh%$.

So is Bidens’s dick swinging on the DPRK, the standard Council on Foreign Relations crap.

Tweedle Dee, meet Tweedle Dumber.

Trump: China, China, China!

Biden talks about Trump’s secret China bank accounts and his refusing to release his tax returns.

Trump claims that he he prepaid his taxes (bullsh%$) and accuses Biden of corruption.  

More drinking.

Biden talks about Trump’s formerly secret China accounts

Trump brings up the Ukraine story.  Take two drinks.

Pivots to national security, and now it’s all Russia and Iran and election meddling.

Screw that.  I want to know how we get out of forever wars, and how we stop the US from being a purveyor of misery and drone strikes.

Good question from the moderator.  She called out Trump for trash talking Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Trump responds with false praise for the doctor.

Biden notes that Trump is responding by blaming blue states.

Trump responds to this by blaming blue states.

Trump notes that there is soaring drug abuse, domestic violence, suicides, etc. during the pandemic.

Remind me, who is sitting in the oval office right now?

I am watching on the BBC, because American talking heads make me ill.

Unfortunately, there is some sort of problem at the Beeb studios, with libs not matching the words.

It’s refreshingly surreal.

It’s over. Jeebus.  I need a f%$#ing drink.

Getting some cross-talk now drinking.

Biden:  Paraphrases to, “What did he know, and when did he know it?”

I love it when someone uses a classic.

Not much interruptions yet, so I’m just having a pleasant drink and an unpleasant watch.

Biden notes that Trump is spending his time claiming that it will go away, instead of dealing with the problems.

Trump tries to deflect to China.

Shorter version Joe Biden response on Covid-19, “This guy has no clue, and is lying, and the US is in worse shape than the rest of Europe.

Donald Trump is asked about what he will/has done on Covid-19.  Claims that everything is good, and that he is immune.

I think that he is arguing that he is Superman.  Take a drink.

Introduction with notes that the microphones will be off for person B when person A is asked a question.


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