Toxic Wokeness

The recent mayoral elections in Portland Oregon are a classic example of toxic wokeness

The short version is that the corporateist cop-fluffer mayor won reelection, because of a write in campaign (Teressa Raiford) which pulled exclusively from the progressive candidate who advanced past the runoff.

I have come to the conclusion that this sort of dysfunction is being openly (look at Raiford’s press coverage) and surreptitiously supported by people who live comfortable lives and don’t want to give up anything:  (College professors, pundits, right-wingers, and the rest of the Professional Managerial Class)

So you might recall that over the summer we here in Portland were In Flames!!!

The antifa hordes were rampaging through our streets, the dead were rising from their graves, dogs and cats were living together, and only the Thin Blue Line of Portland Police Bureau was holding us back from being – even though we were, mind you, the President hissown self said so! – an “anarchist jurisdiction”.

But…remember back in June?

When I asked you whether we would face the brutally obvious reality that “policing” in the United States f%$#s with and kills poor and dark and mentally disturbed people at a ridiculously inflated rate? What we would do if no amount of “reform” had changed or would change that? What we would do now, after decades of useless wanking had left us with a Police Bureau that is a sort of Proud Boys Local #432 only all with blue clothing?


And I answered my own question with:

“I know for a fact that Portland Police Bureau has been the home for wannabe Klansmen and Nazis for decades…I knew perfectly well (that this) was so baked into PPB that the only way to “do something” would be to do a Saddam’s Army on the whole outfit – just fire 99% of the sonsofbitches, burn the bastard to the ground, and start over?

Will we do anything about those problems now?

Don’t make me laugh. You know better and so do I. We’ll throw clubs and gas and “non-lethal” rounds at whoever makes a fuss. Christ on a crutch, we can’t even do anything semi-intelligent about a f%$#ing Plague, you think we’re going to do anything sane about this, the miserable way we’ve treated our poor and our former slaves and current subjects, and everyone else who can’t play the “get out of jail free” card?

Nope. I got nothin’ for you on that.”

And, as surely as the sun still rises, we – we here in “anarchist jurisdiction” Portland did…


Instead we re-elected the empty-suit-cop-fluffing incumbent mayor instead of his lefty challenger who promised to take the f%$#ing cops by the stacking swivel. A large part of that was because us commies, once again, managed to form up the circular firing squad – another local activist, Tessa Raiford, ran a very organized write-in campaign that siphoned off about 13 percent of the vote, all from the Left – and shot ourselves dead square in the ass because it was in a race that the OTHER lefty candidate, Iannarone, lost 40 to 46 percent.

Do the math.

F%$#. We’re our own worst goddamn enemies.

(%$# mine

No, we are not our own worst enemies.

The powers that be have been paying trolls for years,* and sometimes, when they find useful idiots, like Teressa Raiford, they don’t even need to pay.

It can be both monetarily and emotionally profitable, because useful idiots get laudatory press coverage, and donations from avatars of the status quo.

*Hillary paid people to troll online and to pretend to be Bernie Bros in 2016, (also here) Obama advisor Cass Sunstein advocated for government trolls, Lauren “Uncle Meat” Bandler on Netslaves, for example, and that is just citing my sh%$ty little blog.

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