It’s Always a Certain Kind of Democrat Who Does This

You know the type, plays at being progressive, but is a tool of the FIRE (Finance Insurance and Real Estate) sector.

They have been exhorting the citizens of their state/city/county to stay home, and not go out, and then they get caught unmasked on a night on the town.

You saw it with Cuomo, Newsome, Sisolak, and now the darling of the hedge funds, Gina Raimondo.

Honestly, I’m less concerned about her going to a wine bar than I am with her cutting (outrageously high fee) deals with private equity firms, including her own firm.

Have you noticed that this always happens to a certain type of Democrat? 

You know the type, the polite term for them is hypocritical corrupt mother-f%$#ers.  (The impolite term is, “Pig felchers.”*)

*If you don’t know what that means, for the love of God, DON’T GOOGLE IT.

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