This Is Why So Many People Think That Accusations of Bigotry Are Bogus

Political, aka Tiger Beat on the Potomac, published an article about the fairly substantial payouts recieved by Biden cabinet nominees Janet Yellen (Treasury) and Antony Blinken (State) titled, “Janet Yellen made millions in Wall Street, corporate speeches.”

First, let’s state the obvious: If Yellen, or Blinken (or Nod) were joining a Republican administration, there would be no story, but because it’s a Democratic administration that is coming in, TBOTP finds this to be essential and important news.

Second, the hed, which mentions only Yellen, is complete pants.

However, as Glenn Greenwald notes, against the thunderous roar of the usual suspects, this is not sexism, this is corruption.

For the people asserting claims of sexism, it may be a useful line of attack, but it makes future accusations of sexism less credible.

Even if Yellen and Blinken (and Nod) subscribe to the aphorism of first put forward by Jesse Unruh, “If you can’t take their money, drink their booze, eat their food, screw their women and vote against them, you don’t belong here,” this is corrupt on a societal level, because it sends a corrupt message to other people,”Play along, play the game, and this could be yours.”

People don’t get 6 figure honoraria talking to Wall Streeters because they are fascinating speakers.

People get 6 figure honoraria talking to Wall Streeters either as a down-payment for future actions, or as a final payment on past actions.