Oh, Yeah, Before I Forget

Trump’s Crack Impeachment Lawyers Misspelled ‘United States’—Again

Former President Trump’s legal team seems to think proofreading is overrated. 

Hardly a week after submitting a legal brief for Trump’s looming Senate impeachment trial that misspelled the words “United States,” they made exactly the same blunder again on Monday in the pre-trial brief laying out their defense.

The 78-page brief referred to the country Trump used to lead as the “Unites States” on page 7. While falling short of perfect, the misstep still marked something of an improvement from their last go, when the team screwed up the name of the country twice, including on the first page.

“President’s Trump speech on January 6, 2021, was not an act encouraging an organized movement to overthrow the Unites States government,” the new document reads.

This is so surreal that Salvador Dali is shaking his head.

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