Today in Stupid

A group of counties in rural Oregon want to secede and join Idaho.

They call the movement, “Greater Idaho,” and it’s never  going to happen.

Even if they could, they would find their taxes (sales taxes) going up, and the money from the state going down, as these counties are net recipients of state money.

About the only reason to do this is if you REALLY love Basque cuisine:

Seven rural Oregon counties have voted in favor of an effort to become part of Idaho, and organizers of the Greater Idaho movement say more counties could soon have the option on the ballot.

“We want out from underneath Oregon’s governance and go underneath Idaho’s governance, which we tend to match up better with, as far as our values go,” the group’s president, Mike McCarter, told Insider. “Now for 20 years-plus we’ve been trying to change the makeup and improve the makeup of the Oregon Legislature, but when you haven’t got the vote, there’s not much you can do about it.”

What they mean by, “Match up with our values,” is a return to Oregon’s famously racist roots, and ensure that the state somehow overthrow, “One man, one vote.”


“We’re not saying that that is wrong. We don’t agree with it, but they’re dealing with those issues, and those aren’t the issues that we have. Rural Oregon is traditional, has traditional values. We’re more into our communities, more into our schools, more into supporting law enforcement. Right is right, and wrong is wrong,” he added.

[Spokesman Keaton] Ems said that the majority had “no incentive” to include people in the rural parts in their decision-making and that people living in “concrete jungles” were telling those who live and steward the land how to run their own land.”

If you were racist dog whistling any harder, your spokesperson would be a Shiba Inu, Mr. Ems.

I’m sick to death of these Mayberry insurrectionists.

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