Not this Sh%$ Again

Yeah, like this

It seems that every few years, someone tries to pitch airships as a solution to some transportation conundrum, this time, it for making short trips across a body of water.

The numbers are compelling, about 90% less carbon per passenger than an aircraft, but the competitor would be a high speed ferry, which would have additional capabilities, like carrying cars and cargo.

The example that they give is Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca route, which they claim would take 100 passengers, “Four and a half hours,” to reach their destination

A ferry trip, according to google maps, is 212 km (132 miles), so a high speed (30 kt — 55.6 km/h — 34.5 mph, and some ferries reach 50 kt) ferry could make the transit in the same amount of time, and not require any new shore facilities.

The counter-argument is “But Airships!”

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