• Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture (Current Affairs) Short version:  Because Architects are trained to be jerks, but unlike (for example) pretentious and ugly music, it will hit you in the face every day.
  • The Cruelty Was Never the Point (The American Conservative) Touched a nerve, huh?  This characterization of Republicans is true.  It’s also true of “moderate” Democrats.  Means testing, which is more likely to turn away the most needy, is there for the sake of its own cruelty.
  • Techno-Feudalism Is Taking Over (Project Syndicate) Yanis Varoufakis notes that the agenda of the modern tech companies makes the notorious company towns look like an exercise in freedom.
  • The Team Resurrecting Ancient Rome’s Favorite Condiment (Gastro Obscura) Garum, fermented fish sauce, which is the very distant ancestor of Worcester sauce.  I wanna try me some.


Steve Hostetter on his (very one sided) Twitter war with Kevin Sorbo:

Hofstetter is known for taking on hecklers, and Sorbo gets completely owned. It’s beautiful.

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