My Condolences to the People of New York

It looks like Eric Adams, aka Rudy with a Tan, will be the next mayor of New York City.

Seeing as how his Republican opponent in the general election does not have billions of dollars (Bloomberg), and is a racist con-man, Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Anglos Angles.

I expect to see more charter schools, less police accountability, and more stop and frisk.

To quote Dick Tuck, “The people have spoken, the bastards.”

Eric L. Adams, who rose from poverty to become an iconoclastic police captain and the borough president of Brooklyn, declared victory in the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York City on Tuesday, putting him on track to become the second Black mayor in the history of the nation’s largest city.

The contest, which was called by The Associated Press on Tuesday night, was seen as one of the city’s most critical elections in a generation, with the winner expected to help set New York on a recovery course from the economic devastation of Covid-19 and from the longstanding racial and socioeconomic inequalities that the pandemic deepened.

But as the campaign entered its final months, a spike in shootings and homicides drove public safety and crime to the forefront of voters’ minds, and Mr. Adams — the only leading candidate with a law enforcement background — moved urgently to demonstrate authority on the issue.

Mr. Adams held an 8,400-vote lead over Kathryn Garcia, a margin of one percentage point — small enough that it was not immediately clear whether she or any of his opponents would contest the result in court. All three leading candidates had filed to maintain the option to challenge the results. If no one does so, Mr. Adams’s victory could be certified as soon as next week.

Not my problem, I live in Baltimore.

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