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  • New York City's Home Page

  • 4th Street Food Coop Not only is it in the Village, it's the only one in Manhattan!

  • Auto-Free Central Park!

  • A group thoroughly studied trafic fatalities in New York City. Their report, Killed by Automobile, has some very important findings. Cars kill two pedestrians every three days. Dangerous and aggressive drivers are responsible for 75% of those crashes. Then, the police and District Attorneys let the drivers get away it.

  • Staten Island Transportation Issues: Transportation agencies are working to pave over the island. Actions include expanding the Goethals Bridge and the Expressway plus giving cars access to the Ferry. Such moves will affect the whole region.

  • Death in the Afternoon A history of NYC's daily papers.

  • Some of my Favorite Architecture

  • Giuliani Capital Plan: Transport Spending Defies Reality. My analysis of the Mayor's May 1994 capital plan

  • NYC's New Capital Commitment Plan: Mayor's Transport Policy Is Lost My analysis of Mayor Giuliani's September 1994 capital plan.

  • City Limits Magazine is an excellent resource for progressives interested in New York City government.

  • There used to be roadways going through Washington Square Park. Valuable lessons arise from examining the community organizing used to remove the cars and the traffic consequences of that change.

  • The traffic impact of the collapse and repair of the West Side Highway also has bearing on the efforts to remove cars from Central Park.

  • "DOT Sees More Highways As Brooklyn's Road to Clean Air." By Daniel Convissor. Auto-Free Press, January/February 1992.

  • Giuliani v Dinkins: Election Results and Analysis [this isn't ready yet.]

  • NYC Residents Want Transit Spending Over Highway Spending

  • Pataki's Plans will Kill NYC Transit

  • Fare Hike is a Tax Increase

  • Financial Control Board: Description & Members

  • Scanner Frequencies for New York City

  • Mayor Giuliani's Changing Stance on Transit Funding

  • Daniel Convissor is quoted in a story about the Mayor's capital program: "Giuliani's in the Driver's Seat" By Ellis Henican. New York Newsday, 29 March 1994.

  • The History of the New York City Legislature. By Frederick Shaw. Columbia University Press, 1954

  • Giuliani's Lower Manhattan Plan

  • Municipal Assistance Corporation: Description & Members

  • New York City Budget: Trends and Process. By Daniel Convissor. June 1995.

  • Things to do in the Outer Boroughs

  • Pedestrian Safety Programs

  • Political Crisis/Fiscal Crisis: The Collapse and Revival of New York City. By Martin Shefter. Basic Books, 1985 and 1987. Columbia University Press, 1992.

  • Giuliani's Quality of Life Campaign

  • NYC Transit Ridership Statistics (Aug-95)

  • Fire Norman Steisel, Not Our Trash. The Dirty Politics Behind Incineration in New York City.

  • Times Up! A bunch of environmental radicals.

  • Transportation Safety: Transit is Safer Than Driving

  • Williamsburg Bridge: Preserving Architectural Details

  • Manhattan's West Side: Route 9A Reconstruction, the proposed park and development.

  • Traffic Impacts of the West Side Highway Collapse

  • Proposed transportation improvements for access to Yankee Stadium. The City and State are considering tons of parking and new highways. The real answer is regional transit access.

  • New York City Council's Home Page


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