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Essays and Rants

Do More: A letter I wrote to my friends, mostly gay ones, with my typical exhortation to do more to advance our lot here in America and abroad.

The Scarecrow Planted in My Heart: Faith and Optimism and the Death of Matthew Shepard. This is the letter that poured out of me in the middle of the night in the middle of October, the full sickness that welled up in me after hearing about Shepard's death. I wrote this and emailed it to just about everyone I knew. It was also a coming out to a few people I had not officially come out to yet.

Coming Out: I wrote a three-part essay memoir on the tenth anniversary of my coming out to my parents. I came out to my parents, and wound up watching my relationship (finally) break up the very next day. Very much the result of coming out to my parents. But inevitably, it all worked out for the best.

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October 1998

12 October 1998--Hearing the News / Waiting for Action: The first I hear the name Matthew Shepard, of the attack upon him, and my reaction.

17 October 1998--Saved by Tearjerkers: I spend a long morning watching American Movie Classics. More lighthearted than the previous entry.

18 October 1998--Fired Up Again: After a good visit with my old film teacher in Brooklyn, I read David Leavitt's article in the New York Times and I get really pissed off. Sick of diagnoses; I demand solutions.

19 October 1998--The Protest: I go to New York's "political funeral" for Matthew Shepard. I go for an hour, miss the violence, but have a near-incident of my own after witnessing hordes of cops in Madison Square.

20 October 1998--Entering the Middle Ages: My 35th birthday. I go to St. John the Divine for a memorial service for Matthew Shepard, and I have dinner with Tony at Flor de Mayo.

21 October 1998--Meetings, Movements, and Moments: I go to a meeting of the ad hoc group that organized the protest. A bit disappointing, despite a lot of backslapping.

23 October 1998--A Good Start

26 October 1998--I Declare

27 October 1998--Stacking My Appointments: I visit with the volunteer coordinator of Callen-Lorde, a panel discussion about media coverage of hate crimes, and I dine with an ACT-UPper.

31 October 1998--All Chickens' Eve: Do you come out to people on the bus? Do you go to the Halloween Parade when you just saw the trouble with the police the fortnight before.

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November 1998

2 November 1998--Moving Forward:

3 November 1998--Election Day: I am always amazed that people don't vote.

4 November 1998--The Morning After: The election results are in, and they are good. D'Amato is gone; Vacco is also out, but the bastard refuses to leave.

5 November 1998--The Committee to Save the 500: I go to PS 41 to attend another meeting of the ad hoc group. The usual chaos and divisions. I am discouraged, and I am not convinced this group can do much but argue.

6 November 1998--Invisible Rings: Thoughts on same-sex marriage, and on Jupiter and Saturn.

7 November 1998--Men, Women, and the Police:

8 November 1998--The Longest Walks: Comparing the Jews' post-war struggle to current gay rights campaigns. I cry buckets and draw inspiration from a documentary.

9 November 1998--Here's a Theory:Is homophobia rooted in misogyny?

10 November 1998--The Pink Cloud Over Britain: My orthodox cousin responds to my long letter; a "gay shocker" scandalizes the British Parliament.

11 November 1998--Policing Desire: I go to a panel discussion on the war being waged on public sex here in New York by our Mayor.

13 November 1998--Lucianne Goldberg Hugs Her Inner Pig: More Clintonalia observed, on the uproariously funny Larry King Live.

14 November 1998--The Stars That Shine: Out in East Hampton with my aunt.

16 November 1998--Por la Vida: A salsa concert benefiting GMHC, and sending a message. Guest Star: Rosie Perez.

18 November 1998--Tony Curtis? Really?: Welcome to 23rd Street, and the nutcases who frequent it. One of them claims to be a "friend" of movie star Tony Curtis. Does he like oysters and mussels?

19 November 1998--Police, Please

20 November 1998--Charity Begins at Home

21 November 1998--Local Vigilence and Diversity

26 November 1998--Thanks for the Paradox: Sentimental musings on Thanksgiving.

28 November 1998--It's Just a Ghetto Thing: Spending time in Chelsea with my old Center friends..

30 November 1998--It's Not Gender: An OUT magazine panel on "Can Lesbians and Gay Men Get Along?" It's not really answered. The men are uninspiring and the women are not as "angry" as you might think. Some even seem wistful they are not men; that was a surprise.

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December 1998

1 December 1998--World AIDS Day: More than 70,000 dead from AIDS in New York City since the early 1980s. What does that mean to you.

1 December 1998--Zachair -- Remembrance: A look at some of the people I know who have died of AIDS. A look at hearing about their deaths from an emotional and physical distance.

2 December 1998--Good Luck, Kid: A response to some kid out there on the net who was "alarmed" by my calling homophobia as I saw it in my review of the movie Apt Pupil.

3 December 1998--Welcome to Faggot Land: More delightful accounts of wondering if this might be the night my head is cracked open for no good reason.

4 December 1998--A Gay-Straight Alliance: Talks with one of my favorite gal-pals. I am heavily influenced by Michael Bronski's The Pleasure Principle.

5 December 1998--Sunspots: What's up with the weather lately? A fellow volunteer has a theory. The fault lies not within ourselves (glovbal warming) but in our star.

7 December 1998--A Day that Will Live In ... ?: My alternative career begins? I have a meeting with a man who will help alter the course of my life.

9 December 1998--Art's History

10 December 1998--Man of the Year: Matthew Shepard gets nominated for Time "Man of the Year." He is actually in a significant Web-based lead over President Clinton and Kenneth Starr.

13 December 1998--Heaven Kisses the Earth: An old testament appreciation of Nelson Mandela and my perpetual fascination with the Republic of South Africa, and my admiration for its brave leader.

14 December 1998--Baboons:

17 December 1998--Savages and Savage: A christmas gift and a furtive look on the subway.

20 December 1998--The End of the Wick: Spiritual thoughts on the last night of Chanukah.

21 December 1998--Crane, Crane, Go Away: My building neighbors an urban mishap.

23 December 1998--The Pillar and the City: The glory that is Quentin Crisp in the less-than-gracious space at the Lincoln Square Barnes & Noble bookstore.

24 December 1998--La LA LAA-AAA!: Holiday time. Christmas Eve on the Upper East Side; Christmas with Tony down in the Village. Guest Star: French and Saunders.

27 December 1998--A World of Gods and Monsters: A visit to the bars of Christopher Street. It almost seems like the late 1970s. I wind up snogging with someone later in Ty's.

28 December 1998--Appetite: What I did on my Christmas Vacation. A whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of volunteering.

31 December 1998--Old Acquaintance: New Year's Eve. Also known as When Worlds Collide. L meets Tony.

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January 1999

1 January 1999--Party Like It's 1981: I break a taboo and breakfast at EJ's with L. Then, it's a family visit and a night to myself in the end.

4 January 1999 --Back to Reality: Work beckons once more.

6 January 1999 --Pistol Packin' Madness: Why I fear my boss. It involves guns. I am NOT KIDDING!

8 January 1999--Life Out Loud: Finding an anthem via the 19th Century. Why Emile Zola continues to mean so much to me.

8 January 1999, Part 1--True to My Word: Living up to my promise to write about community issues and actually get them published. I go to interview.

8 January 1999, Part 2-- Customer Disservice: The perils of shopping.

9 January 1999 -- LOVE! LOVE! Love, love, love.: Some thoughts on love.

10 January 1999 --Veni Vedi Brini: A visit to Chelsea to see the newest TV star.

11 January 1999 --Called to Duty: The short-lived joys of jury duty, which is a lot cruisier than I ever imagined possible.

12 January 1999 --Off to See the Wizard: I get inspiration from an old friend.

14 January 1999 --Typical: Two gay suicides make gay headlines.

15 January 1999 --Cinderella Story: A co-worker runs off to Europe.

19 January 1999 --Convinced: Pursuing my story on volunteering, I realize I want to get more invovled as well.

22 January 1999 --Miscellania: Just what it sounds like.

26 January 1999 --Don't Embrace the Blame: What to do when the bud is off the rose.

27 January 1999 --On the Avenue, Second Avenue: A town meeting to discuss the Second Avenue Subway project, starring local politicos.

28 January 1999 --Another Discovery: Falling in love with the writing of a dead man.

30 January 1999 --Ye Olde Something Or Other

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February 1999

2 February 1999 --Glamour Sees Its Shadow: Musings on the world of Chelsea and a visit inside the Flatiron Building.

3 February 1999 --Well, Whaddya Know!: Seth Bookey actually goes on a full-fledged date.

6 February 1999 --Les Gamins: A boys' night out on the town. Dinner, dessert, and quite a discussion.

7 February 1999 --Hatred Unforgiven: Matthew Shepard's parents appear on TV. Another tearful session for everyone involved, especially me.

9 February 1999--This is the Week: Feeling a corner being turned as your life begins to change.

14 February 1999--Arch Deluxe Apostolic Gay Orthodox: A long ode to Valentine's Day. I cover just about everything.

15 February 1999--Carpe Sleep-In: Presidents' Day with a friend.

16 February 1999--UPS Outs Me Further: The perils of receiving gay-themed books at work. More funny than embarassing, sort of .

17 February 1999--Is It Is or Is It Ain't Homophobia?

19 February 1999--Living in a News-Free Bubble: Some people I know lead news-free lives, and loving it.

20 February 1999--Interlibrary Loon: Using New York Public Library, and loving it.

22 February 1999--Accountability and the Cub Reporter: I cover a news event.

23 February 1999--Nocturnal Editions: Late nights in the gay news business.

26 February 1999 --Old Acquaintance, He Forgot: Dinner with my parents and my oldest friend.

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March 1999

1 March 1999--Social Justice and the Scum of the Earth: Reading The Advocate gets me riled up, and writing a letter.

2 March 1999--Simplz Having a Busz Time: Tony reports from Berlin.

3 March Why I am tired of

7 March 1999--Bon Voyage: I am off to England.

8 March 1999--Avoid the Fish Dinner: Good advice for air travellers.

9 March 1999--Rates of Exchange: Getting over jet-lag in the English countryside.

10 March 1999--Speech Impediment Wednesday: Seth sits in a room full of accents.

11 March 1999--Swinging London: Work ends and vacation begins; I visit with four new gay friends in Hackney.

12 March 1999--Red Nose Day in Camulodunum: A visit to Colchester.

13 March 1999--Two Gentlemen Sharing: Tales of same-sex cohabitation life North of Watford.

14 March 1999--Mothering Sunday: Family day with the British Bookey cousins.

15 March 1999--We're Shopping: Running mad up and down Oxford Street.

16 March 1999--The One True Religion: Charting the perils of life in Winchester through the ages.

17 March 1999--G-G-G-G-G Get Out of London: My final day in the UK.

18 March 1999--Sign the Petition!: Hello wacko my old friend. I spot the Petition Lady again.

19 March 1999--Zest Bouquet: or How I Got Over My Dragophobia and Learned to Love Camp.

21 March 1999--Those People Out There in the Dark: A viewing of Boys in the Band is followed by the Oscars at Tony's house.

22 March 1999--Weeks of Outrage: The Diallo shooting brings several weeks of daily protests to the Mayor's door.

24 March 1999--Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Taking on Ann Landers.

25 March 1999--Spring Cleaning:

30 March 1999--Brights Lights and Glamour:

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April 1999

1 April 1999--The Last Days of Pompeii: or, How Not to Move an Office.

2 April 1999--10 Things I Hate About Times Square

3 April 1999--Ten Years Later: A Passover visit to my parents, and a matzoh brei full of memories.

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May - July 1999

May - August 1999--Kaboom! My laptop blows up, Gay Pride Month takes over, and I completely fall behind on my web duties. I summarize the highlights of the gap.

5 - 14 July 1999:--I See London, I See France: I go to two European capitals during an unprecedented heatwave. I sweat up a storm in Britain and on the Continent, living from one bottled beverage to the next. It's a long entry, but stick with it.

27 July 1999--SAD: Sick as a Dog. I have a very bad summer cold, and I have people to blame.

28 July 1999--Ring of Fire! Relentless heatwave forces even me to discuss the weather. Media hype practically mandates that I do it.

29 July 1999--America's Monster. Media hype surrounding the aviation death of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law.

30 July 2000--Mambo-bookey. What happens when you play Celia Cruz when I am in a Pottery Barn?

31 July 2000--Petty Revenge. I hate Chase Manhattan Bank. But I am not the only one, it seems.

1 August 1999--By the Sea, By the Sea. A trip to the beach.

2 August 1999--Angry Clowns. My Website gets a visit from the hateful Fred Phelps gang from Kansas.

3 August 1999--Kebabs and History. An evening out with a pleasant business colleague.

11 October 1999--National Coming Out Day 1999. The essay I wrote for this occasion as it was printed in LGNY.

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The New "Millennium" Thus Far

4 January 2000--Up Goes the Triangle. I come out, with a vengeance, at my new job.

9 March 2000--Will There Ever Be a Rainbow? More gushy optimism from me after seeing a very large rainbow over midtown Manhattan.

13 May 2000--Mill Rock. A day in the country, right between Queens and Manhattan. And while on a date, no less.

15 May 2000--"Puck" I am bowled over by the writing of Paul Monette, and I gush accordingly, with optimism and wonder.

June 2000--The Big M: Seth Goes to Mexico City. I observe the many Ms of the Mexican capital.

30 June 2000--Bookey Goes to Beantown. The first of five entries on my Fourth of July trip to Boston, Cambridge, Lexington, Arlington, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Go from there to my trip to England, and a gay pride event in Leeds.

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March-May 2001

11 August 2000--Dad. My father died in 2000; here's what I wrote about him at that time.

30 March 2001--I've Got Updates

December2000--Lisbon Lamentations. A look at my troublesome vacation to a beautiful world city--Lisbon. There are five pages total. Start here.

16 May 2001--La Vuelta a Mexico. Several pages of my visit to Mexico City, and my time with some activistas, and a trip to Xochimilco.

31 May 2001--Which Witch Is Witch?. I weigh in on the Signorile-Sullivan media debacle, as Signorile exposes gay concervative Sullivan for the hypocrite he sure is.

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