Obama Staffing Update

Nell Lancaster at a Tiny Revolution has a very good point, “President-elect Obama just made public the choices for his administration’s ‘economic team.’ What sort of signal does it send that a Secretary of Labor was not among them?” (emphasis mine)

On the good news side of the equation, we have John Brennan withdrawing his name from consideration as head of the CIA.

I guess that all the DFHs* objecting to his consistently pro-torture, pro rendition, and anti-civil rights statements won.

We are also seeing reports that Robert Gates will be the choice for SecDef, and that he would continue in the role that he assumed under Bush and His Evil Minions for at least a year into the Obama administration.

Not too impressed with that. I have not trusted him since Iran Contra, and defense procurement is completely out of control, and a change is needed.

Gates is not a change the system kind of guy.

*Dirty F%$#ing Hippies, which is what bloggers who care about right and wrong are, you know?

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