This May be My Best Writing of the Decade

A participant at the Stellar Parthenon BBS was commiserating about how he had to buy health insurance, and it was all expensive and crappy coverage.

He ruefully observed that  his cheapest option (he’s a Jew) was to join “Medi-Share”, an evangelical Christian health co-op, but that would require him to, “Declare a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Somehow or other, my muse grabbed my hands, and this flowed from my fingers:

You know, back in the day, Jesus and I went drinking and engaged in pig contests.

The person who beds the ugliest babe wins.

He never lost, and once he came 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd.

Damn! That guy could work miracles with women.

And he could make a Tequila Sunrise like no one’s business.

Eventually though, he flunked out of school.

Test problems, he got nailed on the boards.

I am so glad that (at least until January 21) I live in a nation where blasphemy is legal.

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