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Oh Chris Cillizza, You F%$#ING Sh%$heel

Evan Hurst at Wonkette

Over at everyone’s source of snark, Mr. Hurst did two things:

  1. Called out Chris Cilizza for being a completely worthless prat. (Easy)
  2. Changed my mind.  (Not so easy)

Specifically, he was, with an assist from John Cole, talking about Cillizza’s demand that Hillary Clinton issue a statement about the revelations about Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment sexual assault over the past few decades.

I was actually considering doing the same thing, but then I read this:

Make no mistake, this is no “analysis” as he has it labeled. And the thing you need to realize is Cillizza KNOWS that Clinton doesn’t support rape and sexual assault, he just wants make her respond. It’s him using his forum to make her jump- he might as well be saying “Dance, mad bitch, dance,” because we all know that if she does respond, Cillizza’s next piece will be “what took her so long” and “was she sincere” and so on. 

They are right, and so I put the kibosh on writing a similar article to Cillizza’s.

I’m now actually feeling a bit ashamed that I was considering doing something like this.

As an aside, Hillary Clinton did condemn Weinstein today, as did the Obamas, but that really none of my f%$#ing business.

Keeping a score card on this sh%$ is lame.

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