Because Franken Isn’t Accused of Abusing His Public Office?

Over at Politico, they have s story headlined, “Black lawmakers wonder why Conyers has to go — but not Franken.”

This really is pretty simple: Conyers is accused of doing something much worse.

Al Franken is accused of engaging in inappropriate conduct in ways that are not through the direct exercise of his authority as a member of Congress.

Specifically, he is accused of:

  • Engaging in inappropriate behavior on a USO tour as a private citizen.
  • Grabbing the asses of some constituents at photo ops.

These are both bad things, and they might justify his removal from the Senate, (That’s up to that particular band of narcissistic psychopaths) or his loss in the primary or general election.

John Conyers is accused of:

  • Making sexual advances to multiple employees.
  • Allegedly firing one for refusing his advances.
  • Used office resources for private trysts.
  • Using his office accounts to pay a settlement to one alleged victim.

I don’t mean to make light of the Franken allegations, nor do I wish to dismiss the issues of race here, honey traps have historically been used against black politicians, but the allegations are qualitatively very different.

Conyers allegations go straight to his official behavior as a Congressman, and Franken does not.

It’s not exactly apples and oranges, but it is at least apples and pears, and from a purely political perspective, and it is politics, not due process that drives calls for resignation, they are different.

Neither one of them is going to serve another term, but Blake Farenthold (pictured in ducky PJ’s) probably will, because IOKIYAR.

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