This is F%$#ed Up and Sh%$

An orthodox Jewish employee of Anne Frank House in Denmark was told that he could not wear a Yarmulke to work.

Kafka would find this bizarre:

For his first six months on the job, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam reportedly forbade a Jewish employee from wearing a kippa.

Twenty-five-year-old Barry Vingerling was told to remove his kippa upon showing up at his first day of work at the museum, according to a report Thursday in the NIW Dutch Jewish weekly.

Museum officials explained that the Anne Frank House had a policy against donning religious symbols that would break with their “neutrality” efforts, Vingerling relayed to the NIW.

Yeah, I guess that letting people know that there are Jews working at Anne Frank House would break with their “neutrality” efforts.

The phrase coined by Douglas Adams, “A bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes,” appears to apply.

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