It’s a Hoax

I’d Be Smiling Too

The reports that a Lottery winner was arrested for dumping $200,000 of manure on ex-boss’ lawn is a hoax:

A man from Illinois was arrested for getting $224,000 worth of manure dumped on his former employer’s property, only two weeks after he won $125 million at the lottery and quit his job.

54-year old Brian Morris, from the small town of Clarendon Hills in Dupage County, bought over 20,000 tons of manure and asked for it to be dumped on his former boss’ property, pretending it was his residence.

Dozens of trucks filled with manure showed up in front of the house around 6:00 this morning and began dumping their smelly cargo over the property’s lawn.

It’s not true, and I wish that it was.

I has a sad.

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