Stochastic Terrorism and the Cowardice of the Democratic Leadership

Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump’s attacks on Ilhan Omar are an attempt to induce one of his more unbalanced supporters to kill her.

This is not a surprise.

This has been the modus operandus of the right wing since before they assassinated Alan Berg.

What is also not a surprise is the complete cravenness of the Democratic establishment, including Nancy Pelosi’s absolute refusal to offer a meaningful pushback against Trump.

She’s refusing to even say Omar’s name, saying simply that his statements was, “Beneath the dignity of the Oval Office.

The response to the rank and file has been exactly the opposite, where Omar’s fundraising numbers have blown past Pelosi’s numbers, without the benefit of the Speaker’s fat cat donors and bundlers.

Seriously, if the whole of the Democratic Party establishment were replaced with bobblehead dolls, not only would they be braver, they would be less self-destructive.

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