I Thought That Mike Bloomberg Was a Horror Show, but Deval Patrick………

How is Deval Patrick a horrible candidate? Let me count the ways.

He is aggressively embracing super-PAC money in his campaign:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said he isn’t “crazy” about accepting support from super PACs, but he will as he seeks the Democratic presidential nomination.

Asked Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” by host Chuck Todd if he would swear off accepting super PAC money, Patrick said, “We need to do some catch-up, so I think we’ve got to follow and find all sorts of above-board strategies.”

Additionally,  Patrick made his fortune flacking for a rogues gallery of finance and industry industry, foreclosure mills, Bain private equity, big oil, and laundering anti-labor union death squads in Latin America:

In a Democratic presidential field rich with both centrist pragmatists and progressive warriors alike, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick stands as the answer to a question no one has thought to ask: What does a former oil company executive and venture capitalist think?


But in a campaign cycle where presidential candidates from every lane have denounced the outsized role of money in politics, the oil and natural gas industry, and “vulture capitalism,” Patrick’s résumé—marked by lucrative stints at Texaco, Bain Capital and subprime mortgage abattoir ACC Holdings—risks making him a foil for both progressive and centrist rivals for the nomination. Well-placed Democrats told The Daily Beast that the distance between the current mood of the Democratic presidential field and the controversial private sector industries where Patrick has made his living may be too vast to cover—and could make him little more than a punching bag for better-funded candidates.

Finally, after his then brother-in-law was convicted of rape in California, he fired the heads of the Massachusetts sex offender registry when they demanded that he register, because it was marital rape, and his sister had a reconciliation with him.  The kicker is that he has been convicted a 2nd time of rape:

Deval Patrick’s entry into the Democratic presidential contest has focused new attention on his 2014 decision as governor to push out two members of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board who had sought to put his brother-in-law on the registry due to a rape conviction.
The case has been in the news even before Patrick’s announcement because his brother-in-law earlier this year was convicted of raping Patrick’s sister for a second time. The first rape conviction occurred in 1993.

I agree with Matt Taibbi’s assessment that Deval Patrick’s Candidacy Is yet another example of how the party establishment is creating a complete sh%$ show of the primaries.  (Just read the whole thing)

The Democratic party establishment is desperately trying to find their next “Great White Hope”, and this will not work out well.

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