Trump Went to Hospital Today

Trump made an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed Hospital today.

The claim is that he was getting a jump on his annual physical, but I kind of doubt it.

President Trump underwent a two-hour doctor’s examination on Saturday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which the White House said was part of a routine annual physical and included lab work.

The appointment was not on the president’s schedule, in contrast to a previous physical that Mr. Trump had in February, also at Walter Reed outside Washington.

In a statement, Stephanie Grisham, the White House press secretary, said Mr. Trump, 73, was taking advantage of a free weekend to begin portions of his annual physical, and was anticipating a busy schedule in 2020. She did not specify what types of tests Mr. Trump had.

Yeah, sure.

This is what happened, because the White House is always completely honest about health issues with Presidents.

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