The Media May Be More F%$#ed up Than the Trump Administration

This is some more commentary regarding L’affaire Roger Stone, specifically, Donald Trump’s tweet criticizing the sentence that the prosecutors recommended, the subsequent amended (reduced) sentencing recommendation that came straight from Barr’s office, and the withdrawal of the entire prosecution team in protest.

William Barr actually gave an interview stating that Trump’s tweets make it difficult for him to do his job.

In what is a profoundly depressing, is that the mainstream press has presented this as an example of the integrity of the Attorney General, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Even right wing knuckle dragger Laura Ingraham understood what was being said, “Barr was basically telling Trump, ‘don’t worry, I got this’.”

Barr is telling Trump to shut the f%$# up while he finishes the coverup.

This is not occurring in isolation, Barr is looking to sabotage the case against Michael Flynn in the sane way.

William Barr is not, and has never, functioned as an Attorney General.

He is Donald Trump’s consigliere, just as he was George H.W. Bush’s consigliere and covered up Bush’s role in Iran Contra.

I do not believe that William Barr needs to resign as AG, I believe that he needs to be frog-marched out of the Department of Justice in handcuffs.

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