Drunk/Live Blogging the Democratic Debates

11:00 On to the Daily Show. (Or not, it appears that they are running reruns of of South Park)
10:57 Sanders goes back to being Sanders in his closing statement. Sanders implacable positions are his strong point. Even of they disagree, voters liek consistency.

10:57 Someone is heckling Joe Biden. I cannot understand what they are saying.

10:53 We have the candidates recite memorized statements. Meh.

10:52 Closing statements.

10:49 Advertisement break. I am completely sh%$ faced.

10:48 Chuck Todd asks about brokered convention. Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he? MRDA.

10:46 Klobuchar is pissed off at Buttigieg. So am I.

10:43 Buttigieg notes that Klubuchar was the Democrat most likely to support Trump judges. That will leave a mark.

10:42 Klobuchar invokes 99 year old Hispanic veteran. Pander much?

10:40 This is clearly the most contentious debate so far.

10:33 Another ad break.

10:29 Warren may have had the line of the night, “We cannot be friends with Mitch McConnell.” It is a winning line.

10:29 Biden has clearly decided to go after Bloomberg’s wealth. It’s a good tactic,

10:27 Sanders is accused of being a socialist. Take a drink. Sanders notes that the rich get plenty of socialism.

10:22 I am completely sh%$ faced.

10:21 Buttigieg invokes that he is not a millionaire. AGAIN Take a drink.

10:21 The fact that the candidates have to f%$#ing raise their f%$#ing hands to get recognized if f%$#ed up and sh%$.

10:18 Bernie Sanders notes that Billionaires pay less in taxes than their secretaries, and Bloomberg takes umbrage, despite the fact that his lobbying led to this.

10:14 Vanessa Hauc asks about how rolling back Trump’s give away to mega corps and billionaires will somehow or other hamper small businesses. What the f%$# is wrong with you?

10:11 Mayor Mayo is claiming that the problem is the two most polarizing people on the state (Sanders and Bloomberg). This is the least inspiring chant of Kumbaya ever.

10:09 Biden calls for prosecuting polluting executives. I don’t believe him, but this is a good talking point.

10:04 Sanders is challenged on his call for a fracking ban, and he comes right back to the questioner, saying that anthropogenic climate change is a moral issue and a crisis, and there can be no compromise. This is actually playing to Sanders’ strength, because he gets to show how he is not going to kowtow to lobbyist.

10:02 Warren is challenged about her call to end drilling and mining on public lands.

10:00 Bloomberg calls for rejoining the Paris agreement.

9:59 Climate change is the next subject. Biden is asked first, and his response is largely word salad. Take a drink.

9:57 Captain Morgan’s rum is like drinking perfume.

9:56 No insurance funded anti-M4A ads. I am surprised.

9:53 Ad break, and I am drunk.

9:52 Biden is now begging to have some questions thrown his way. Take a drink.

9:50 Klobuchar calls Buttigieg a loser. (His disastrous Indiana Secretary of State campaign) Hah!!!! Drink.

9:48 Calling out Klobuchar not being able to recall the President of Mexico is bullshit, and I HATE Klobuchar.

9:47 Sanders notes that Bloomberg wanted to cut social security and ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNED for Bush in 2004. Good point.

9:45 Biden notes that Bloomberg could release them this moment. Nice hit.

9:42 Oh, snap. Warren’s response, “Bloomberg’s defense is that I’ve been nice to SOME women.” Calls for Bloomberg to release the women from the non disclosure agreement. Blood drawn, and Bloomberg is sounding awfully snippy.

9:39 Bloomberg is challenged on his refusal to release his tax returns. His response is, “We’re working on it, but it will take a while, until after most of the delegates are allocated.” Asshole. Take a drink.

9:35 The shot at Bernie on his health status. What Sanders has released is a detailed description of health status.

9:33 Klobuchar is confronted on her refusal to investigate police misconduct and the case of of a highly dubious conviction. She shucked and jived on this.

9:31 Warren notes that “Stop and Frisk” was intended to terrorize peoples of color, and that Bloomberg’s apology was profoundly insincere/

9:29 Bloomberg is still defending, “Stop and Frisk.” He claims that he stopped it when it got out of hand. HE DID NOT. As Biden notes, Bloomberg was FORCED to abandon the policy, he fought dropping the policy tooth and nail. Point Biden.

9:26 Biden notes that Bloomberg called Obamacare a “Disgrace”. Good point, but Biden is largely invisible.

9:26 Warren went after Klobuchar’s plan, and notes that it constitutes only 2 paragraphs.

9:24 Sanders notes that we are the only industrialized nation that does not have public health system. Drink.

9:22 Klobuchar’s claiming Post-It Notes for Spain Minnesota is kind of amusing.

9:19 Warren (IMHO correctly) accuses of Buttigieg and Klobuchar of having phony healthcare plans, sand makes the point that take the wins and move forward. (Not unreasonable) I like her description of Klobuchar’s plan as a “Post-It Note”.

9:16 Amy Klobuchar claims that nominating a woman will end misogyny on the internet, because that worked so well in 2016. That level of stupid is worth a double.

9:14 Buttigieg accuses Bernie of fomenting nastiness on the internet. Seriously? Twitter is a f%$#ing cesspool, and the “Bernie Bros” is a fraud.

9:11 Colloquy between Sanders and Buttigieg, and Buttigieg restates Bloomberg’s republican talking
points about Medicare for All.  Take a drink.

9:09: Buttigieg makes the point that Bloomberg is not a a real Democrat.  Touche.

9:07: Biden says that he polls best, so he should be the nominee.  Meh.

9:05: Klobuchar piles on too, goes with her, “I’m the only heartland-American here,” schtick.  Drink.

9:02: First question, to Sanders, “Why won’t Bloomberg be the moderate who can beat Trump?

Sanders response, “You need turnout, and Mayor Stop and Frisk won’t drive turnout.”

Bloomberg, “Medicare for all, is taking people’s insurance away.”  Bullsh%$.”

Warren unloads a can of whup ass, and notes that Boomberg has said a lot of Trumpesque misogynist sh%$.  Take a drink.

9:00: Introductions. 

8:59:  I am doing rum (Captain Morgan’s) and coke.

I am liveblogging/drunkblogging the debates again, and this time,I will be using a slightly modified version of Matt Taibbi’s drinking game.

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