Clearly, We Are in a Post-Racial Society

While walking down the street in Beverly Hills, a Black senior Versace executive was stopped and searched by police:

This is the rule, not an exception.

A black Versace executive says he was racially profiled close to the Beverly Hills branch of the Italian luxury fashion brand.

Salehe Bembury, the vice-president of sneakers and men’s footwear at Versace, was stopped and searched for jaywalking in Rodeo Drive, near Camden Drive and Wilshire Boulevard.

“What’s unfortunate is I literally designed the shoes that are in the bag and I’m f%$#ing being searched for them,” Bembury appears telling police officers in a video of the incident.

(%$# mine)

First, “VP of sneakers?”  That’s just kind of weird. 

Second, if you think that there is no more racism in the United States, you are either an egregious racist, or you are brain dead.

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