There Have Have Been Some Other Races, You Know

The Good:

  • Charmaine McGuffey beat incumbent Bruce Hoffbauer for Hamilton County sheriff in Ohio. This is a big deal because Hoffbauer fired her for being gay.
  • Incumbent Jackie Johnson was defeated as  Glynn County District Attorney by Keith Higgins.  Johnson was notorious for attempting to bury the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery by a former employee of hers.
  • California proposition 17, giving the vote to parolees won. 
  • California proposition 20, making a number of misdemeanors felonies lost.
  • California proposition 24, expanding data privacy won.
  • Massachusetts question 1, expanding the right to repair for independent shops and individuals won. 
  • Minimum wage hikes and marijuana legalization generally won.
  • Colorado proposition 113, allocating electors on the basis of the national popular vote, won.
  • Colorado proposition 115, restricting abortions, lost.
  • Colorado proposition 118, paid family and medical leave, won.
  • Virginia question 1, establishing a non-partisan redistricting commission won.

The Bad:

  • California proposition 21, expanding rent control lost.
  • California proposition 15, allowing for higher property taxes of businesses lost. (A partial repeal of the disastrous proposition 13)
  • Louisiana amendment 1, removing the right to an abortion won.
  • Illinois rejected a constitutional amendment allowing for a progressive income tax.

The Ugly:

  • California proposition 22, Uber and Lyft bought themselves an election so that they can continue mistreat their employees.
  • Florida amendment 1, which is intended to foster bogus citizenship challenges against voters, won.

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