They Should Have Used a Yellow Star

It looks like some MAGAts were tagging the streets in front of Biden Supporters’ houses in Roseville, California

This is a clear threat of future violence, and it is terrorism, just the same as if they burnt a cross on their front yard:

Residents of Roseville, Calif., have reported blue dots being spray-painted in front of homes with Biden-Harris campaign signs, local affiliate KCRA-TV reports.

Roseville resident Adam Quilici told the news outlet that he was making breakfast when a neighbor told him to look in front of his home. He said a blue dot was painted in the road in front of his house.

Other residents told the news outlet they believe the dots were painted between Saturday and Sunday.

“The houses that were targeted have Biden-Harris signs in front of them — every single one,” Quilici told KCRA-TV. “There aren’t any blue dots anywhere where there are not those signs present.”

Quilici called the police, according to the news outlet, and they told him that they believed him after making sure it had nothing to do with utilities.

“This is not just a smashed pumpkin on Halloween,” Quilici said. “This is like a message and I’m not really OK with it.”

People are doing things like this because they do not believe that there will be consequences for their actions.

The first step is to disabuse these folks of that assumption, and that means arrests and prosecutions.

To do anything else is to encourage violence and threats of violence.

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