The Poor Showing in the House Races

6 incumbent house Democrats have been defeated.

The caucus memberships, and politics, of the 6 losers are interesting:

  • Kendra Horn, Caucuses: Blue Dog, New Dem
  • Collin Peterson, Caucuses: Blue Dog
  • Xochitl Torres Small, Caucuses: Blue Dog, New Dem
  • Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Caucuses: New Dem
  • Joe Cunningham, Caucuses: Blue Dog, New Dem
  • Donna Shalala: Caucuses: None that matter, but ineluctably tied to both Clintons, and facilitated a union busting campaign while president of the University of Miami.

I was hoping that it would be one more, but the contemptible Cheri Bustos pulled out a squeaker. 

The policy of the DCC, DNC and DSCC to actively support conservative Democrats, even where it does not match the electorate is a losing proposition.

Do not give to these organizations.  Give to the candidates directly, via Act Blue or the like.


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