Corrupt Idiots, Not Trump Edition

I did not realize that the Democrats spent more on the hopelessly run McGrath campaign than they did in an attempt to take back state houses, which control redistricting.

Giving your money to the Democratic Party establishment (There is no Democratic Party establishment) is less effective at getting Democrats elected than giving to the Libertarian party, which is the margin in a few states in the Presidential election.

If the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC call you asking for donations, calmly explain to them that you have decided to hit yourself over the head with a rubber mallet while setting your money on fire, because that is a far more pleasant and far more effective way of supporting the Democratic Party.

This is not incompetence though, this looting.

It’s not incompetence, it’s looting.

The Democratic Party establishment’s (There is no Democratic Party establishment) has a revolving door between party staff and political consultants, and those consultants make more money losing expensive than they do winning cheap.  (They get a cut of the media buy)

We need to break the hold of the consultants on the party machinery, because the foxes are running the henhouse.

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