Restrictions on Shell Accounts

Panix customers are permitted to use their shell account for security testing - our usual rules, online at apply.

Make sure you fully understand the test tools you are using, and do not do anything that generates large amounts of traffic (which would set off alarms at Panix) or that would be perceived as an infrastructure attack by your home ISP (such as port-scanning a range of addresses instead of only your home address).

Please be considerate of the hundreds of other users on our network, and do not consume excessive system resources. If you are running multiple shell sessions, and are causing a substantial burden to other users, we may terminate some of your non-active sessions (though are very unlikely to terminate an active session).

Please do not leave processes running while you are not logged in. We reserve the right to terminate such processes, and will do so if they are causing a significant drain on system resources.

(If you think you need permission for an exception to any of these restrictions, please send email to staff.)

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