Panix V-Colo VPS: Booting a custom kernel using PV-Grub


    PV-Grub is grub-0.97 compiled to run directly under Xen. The
    documentation for grub 0.97 configuration is here:

    The usual place for the grub-0.97 config file is

    A simple configuration to boot NetBSD might look like this (assumes
    the root partition is on the first partition of disk 0):


	title NetBSD
	  root (hd0,0)
	  kernel (hd0,0)/netbsd root=xbd0a

    The first number after "(hd" above corresponds to the V-Colo disk
    number. The number after the "," is the partition number on the


    After you have your kernel and grub configuration in the right
    places, you can make a new profile.

    Using the username and password you selected when you signed up,
    please log into the management interface at and click on the "V-Colo Management"
    tab. If you have more than one V-Colo, you'll need to select a
    V-Colo at the top of the page.

    Under the "Boot Options" tab, click on "Boot Profiles".

    Click on "Create a new profile".

    Enter a name for this profile in the "Profile description" field.

    In the kernel box, select either:

        PV-Grub for 32 bit kernels
        PV-Grub for 64 bit kernels

    This must match the type of kernel you will be booting.

    Press "Set kernel to proceed"

    Method 1:

        Set "Location of PV-Grub configuration" to the disk,partition
        where your grub configuration is located. In this example, it


        In the next box, enter the path name of the grub configuration
        file. In this example:


        Press "Create profile"

    Method 2:

        Set "Location of PV-Grub configuration" to "Boot profile"

        In the next box, enter the entire grub configuration:


            title NetBSD
              root (hd0,0)
              kernel (hd0,0)/netbsd root=xbd0a

	Press "Create profile"

    Back at the boot profiles page, you can now select the boot
    profile you just created and press "Set as boot profile".

    Log into the console server so you can see the progress of grub
    and your kernel. Instructions are on the management interface
    under Tools->Console.

    Reboot your V-Colo. You will be able to access the console shortly
    after the reboot.

    If the boot fails and you need additional help, please send us any
    error messages from the console plus the last screenful of text.

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