Paul O. Bartlett

Last update: 25 March 2020

    My home page has nothing in it except links to other pages of mine dealing with different aspects of international auxiliary languages, which are an interest of mine. This home page exists just to satisfy the server on which these pages reside and may not always be up to date. Some of the scans, PDFs, and other files may be somewhat large, so I have given some approximate sizes, in kilo/megabytes, in parentheses. Some of the scans are photo-image type PDFs in "rough" form, meaning that they may show fingertips holding the documents down, portions of the scanning bed, and so on. I do not have the software (or the time and energy) to crop and re-orient some of the documents. In the format in which I have some of them, they are not searchable. Some of them were printed on paper which is now badly yellowing.

    Note that it is possible that some of these works may still be in copyright, or that they are "orphaned" works whose copyright status is unknown to me. Therefore the legal status of copying and/or distributing some of them is undetermined. There may be legal implications in using some of these files.

My personal essay "Thoughts on IAL Success"

Latinvlo, my personal modification of Houghton's Master Language
An annotated, HTML-ized version of Houghton's Master Language
A scan of Stephen Chase Houghton's "Master Language" (18.9MB)

E. Sylvia Pankhurst's "Delphos The Future of International Language" (4.4MB; copyright uncertainty)

Peano's original Interlingua, Latino sine Flexione (note: Microsoft .mht format)
Giuseppe Peano's original short booklet on Latino sine Flexione (1923, 7.3MB)
Another edition of Peano's short booklet on Latino sine Flexione (1927, 4.0MB)
A one page summary of Latino sine Flexione Interlingua grammar (235KB)
"Manuale Practico de Interlingua" (i.e., LsF, 10.7MB)
History of the Academy of Interlingua (i.e., Latino sine Flexione, 5.6MB)
An early variant form of Latino sine Flexione (7.3MB)
"Latino Viventi" by Fibula (similar to Latino sine Flexione, 4.5MB)
Anki deck package for the 100 Examples of Latino sine Flexione
A plain text English-LsF wordlist (about 1800 entries)

A brief summary of Ido grammar (PDF, 8 pages)
A brief summary of Ido grammar (plain text, unpaginated)
A handy, brief, two way English and Ido dictionary (201KB, 23 pages)
Link to a basic grammar of Ido (last accessed 2019-10-03)
Link to an Ido-English vocabulary (last accessed 2019-10-03)
Link to an English-Ido vocabulary (last accessed 2019-10-03)
A plain text Ido-English lexicon (586KB)
"Easy Ido" eight lessons combined into a single PDF (636KB)
Ido For All, English course for learning Ido (Creative Commons license, 877KB)
The "Kompleta Gramatiko Detaloza" of Ido, by de Beaufront (769KB)
"Mia kuzo Ido" a 23-page description of Ido written in Esperanto (last accessed 2019-10-03)
"Kiel kompreni la lingvon Idon" a description of Ido in Esperanto with a list of words differing in the languages (last accessed 2019-10-03)
An older, unofficial plain text list of computer terminology (37KB)
Dyer's "The Problem Of An International Auxiliary Language and Its Solution in Ido" (5.7MB)
Essay in Ido by Henry Jacob on the history of Ido (6MB)
Max Talmey's early (1919) textbook of Ido (41.4MB)

A summary of Interlingua
A simple plain text summary of Interlingua grammar (may not be up to date)
Link to Paul Denisowski's Interlingua page, including a dictionary
Josu Lavin's English-Interlinga Dictionary in OpenDocument format (905KB)
Josu Lavin's English-Interlinga Dictionary (2.9MB)

A complete scan, enlarged to 144%, of Kenneth Searight's "Sona" (11.9MB)
Dan Holodek's lessons (so far) for Sona, reformatted as a single document (128KB)
A newsgroup message about writing Sona in the Cyrillic alphabet
A comma separated values list of the Sona radicals
An Anki deck package for the Sona radicals
The Sona radicals in a plain text file
An unedited list of all the sentences in the Sona book
Link to Dan Holodek's Sona Language word and phrase online database
Link to the sona_language group at Yahoo Groups (low activity)
Four-page description of Sona (source and accuracy not guaranteed, 62KB)
Photograph 1 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 2 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 3 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 4 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 5 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 6 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 7 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 8 of a copy of the Sona book
Photograph 9 of a copy of the Sona book
(The following are different forms of the scan of the Sona book:)
A two-part scan of Searight's "Sona" in one zip file (11.9MB)
Part 1 of a scan, enlarged to 144%, of Kenneth Searight's "Sona" (6.6MB)
Part 2 of a scan, enlarged to 144%, of Kenneth Searight's "Sona" (5.4MB)

    In the late 1940s and 1950s, Helge Heimer of Sweden published his international language Mondial. The following are links to Mondial. The copyright status is uncertain. These are 300DPI (dots per inch) scans of phtocopies of copies of Heimer's works in the United States Library of Congress in Washington. As scans of photocopies they are not perfect, but they should be legible. They can be printed out in landscape mode on US Letter paper, and perhaps on European A4 paper. The pages of the texts themselves are black and white, although the paper covers were colored. Also, some of the covers had partial wraps which appear dark in these scans.

Mondial - English (1947, 55.5MB)
Mondial - multiple languages (1955, 32.9MB)
Mondial - French, (grammaire, part I 1952, 34.7MB)
Mondial - French (grammaire et dictionnaire, part II 1953, 64.3MB)

A brief grammar summary of Volapük
Ralph Midgley's brief Volapük-English dictionary (2010, 680KB)
Ralph Midgley's brief English-Volapük dictionary (2010, 598KB)

"Interglossa" by Lancelot Hogben (3.8MB; copyright issue)
Marchand's Dilpok, in French (10.9MB)
Charles Milton Elam's a priori language Oz (38.4MB)
A very brief grammar summary of Esperanto
An HTML-ized version of Haas's grammar of Occidental (Interlingue)

Eugene Ware's eccentric "trade language" based on condensed English words:
The Glan-ik (PDF scan of photocopy, US Letter landscape, public domain, 90.6MB)

Andres de la Cruz Michel's language vaguely reminiscent of Russell's Suma (in Spanish):
Leno gi-nasu (PDF scan of photocopy, US Letter landscape, copyright uncertain, 32.1MB)

Francis Lodowyck's "A Common Writing" of 1647 (15.6MB)
Francis Lodowyck's "Ground Work" of 1652 (11.9MB)
The Longman Defining Vocabulary (may not be current)
Part one of Ivor Darreg's "Numaudo" (65.4MB)
Part two of Ivor Darreg's "Numaudo" (59.2MB)
O'Connor's "American: The New Pan-American Language" of 1917 (39.7MB)
"Suma" by Barnett Russell, third edition (54.9MB; copyright issue)
"Tutonish" by Elias Molee, 1902 version (3.7MB; out of copyright, from Google Books)
James Ruggles's "Universal Language" of 1829 (5.5MB)

A slightly eccentric attempt at picture writing (zip file, 1.3MB))

Max Talmey's "Arulo" (20.2MB)
"Prof. V. Esperema's" variant of Ido, Adjuvilo (in French, 4.8MB)
Bollack's "Vers la Langue Internationale" (in French, 14MB)
Bollack's Blue Language (English, 5.2MB)

Voice of America Special English (may not be current)
A basic vocabulary I accumulated and combined from various sources
A personal modification, which I never finished, of Pham Xuan Thai's Lingua Sistemfrater
A brief set of links, now obsolete, to some other IAL pages