Wed - November 30, 2005

Making the Connection

The Jewish Rose of Texas is the only Rose for me

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Thu - November 24, 2005

Harlem River Non-Drive

Stuck en route to a turkey dinner

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Tue - November 22, 2005

How Convenient

When an earlier flight is not necessarily a good thing

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Sun - November 20, 2005

Tourism Time

Tourist traps, and then set free, in the gift shop

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Sat - November 19, 2005

Circling Dallas

A lost license helps me learn and re-learn the highway system

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Wed - November 16, 2005

Deep In the Heart of Gaylord

My third OLA, my fourth visit to this hotel chain's properties

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Tue - November 15, 2005

Getting There is Half the Battle

When things start out wrong, they stay wrong...

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Wed - November 2, 2005

Get Me to the Shore On Time

A flat tire didn't keep us from the nuptuals.

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Fri - October 28, 2005

I Laughed, I Cried, I Tried to Speak French

My last day in Paris before chunneling home

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Sun - August 7, 2005

Good Grief!

For lovers of the funny pages, the Charles Schulz Museum is a delight.

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Sat - August 6, 2005

The Birds!

We visited Bodega Bay, where Alfred Hitchcock filmed parts of 'The Birds'

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Fri - August 5, 2005

The Joy of Motels

Route 101 provides a bevy of old-style motels

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Avenue of the Giants

Driving through the Redwoods provides tranquilty, contemplation, and some relief from omnipresent road rage.

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Thu - August 4, 2005

Into the Sea Lions' Den

Sea mammals love Florence, OR

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Wed - August 3, 2005

Discovering the Pacific Coast

A visit to the Tillamook Creamery and a drive down the coast.

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