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Greetings! I'm Vasos..

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This is my FingerPlan

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Vasos-Peter John Panagiotopoulos II [pronounced VAH-sus Pan-yo-TOP-less] Samani Marions Panyaught
aka:      "Vasos Pann","Basil Marions","The Nose Who Knows","Billy the Goat",
          "Pay ya tax less, vote pan ya top less!",  "641 Mudd Zookeeper",

           =Haley/Marions; GreekSlang(Vasos)=Greek(Vasilios)=English(Basil/Roy)
          Japanese: Basohiko Hanyotaku; Chinese: Baoshi Pangu;
          Hindi: Visal Paxihur; Hebrew: Baxir Panash
          (Declention of "Vasos" is irregular and invariant.. never "Vaso"..)
Schedule: Normally I log in at 4-8am  to check prnewswire
          I strongly prefer to work in DOS because
          it is a lot faster (and cheaper) than GUIs like Windows.
          I also use Quantian (Debian) and Linpus (Fedora) and Bash (BSD).
          --The following rules of thumb apply about two thirds of the time:
          Wednesdays I am in South Flushing (QC, NYPQ)
          Fridays I am in Harlem, Alt Tuesdays I am in Washington Hts
          Most Sundays I attend St Nik Flushing iwth my godparents 7-11am.
Occpation:I  joke   that  I   take  scientists,  managers  and  bankers   and
          either  get brain  pulp  or a  successful  company.. or  that I  am
          divorce counsellor to PhD dropouts or that I eat people's heads for
          breakfast. All part true, but I try to put together either biotech,
          med device or math (engineering/finance) software firms but usually
          end up getting paid  mostly in "wallpaper" (as-yet worthless pieces
          of the resultant new ventures).
Education:Columbia '81+ (Chem Engg BS@19, Bio-Fluid Mech, Innovn Management);
          Windsor Prep(75-78); Garden Prep; St Andrew Acad on the Sound(66-74)
Formerly: Analyst, NY Federal Reserve (1985-87)
          Helped reorg B8827x96/B9811x95 techn management Columbia MBA course
          Systems & Planning Manager, Hudson Management Systems (1984)
          Research Assistant, Columbia Bioengineering Inst (1979-1982)
          Economics Guest Columnist;NYCTribune(1990),Eleftheri Anthropi(1982)
          Exec Scy, Infostrategy Cmte, Grk Orth Arch (1983-87)
          US Repr, Thettalos Tours, Athens (1975-1979)
          Volunteer Coordinator, Katsorhis for Queens DA (1991)
          President, Columbia U Republicans (1982-1983)
          Secretary, NYS Greek Republicans (1984)
          Chair, Columbia Orthodox Fellowship, (1979-1983)
          At Large, Exec Cmte, QGOP, 1997-2007
Interests:Math optimisation of flow and transport pathways in artificial heart
          Wavelet decompostiton of Na Ca waves in EKG
          Clinical decision support and adaptive max likelhood clin trials
          Kalman inverse finite elements on EKG PDE
          Trypsin to induce M2 C5 lysis in inflam metast extravasation
          Calcium channel leakage of prionising neurodegenerative free radicals
          Design of new stochastic partial diff eqns in financial derviatives
          Behavioral arbitrage of contingent claims research budgeting techniques
          Fourier series modalities of Laffer/Kagan optimal tax/inflatn curves
          Economic continuum mechanics models and lag-ODE convertability
Goals:    Be to artif organs what Ben Rosen (Compaq,Lotus,Borland) was to PCs.
          Find a fiendishly clever, unpretentiously altruistic wife.
          Practcial Lawyer (ALI-ABA 19104-3099)
          Quo Vadis Datebook (716-648-2602 fax2607 / 14075-3770)
          --Essential Reference--
          Facts on File Core Biz Progr (vest pkt, ISBN 87196-80*-*)
          Thieme Gentcs(ISBN 3-13-100361-8) & Physiolgy(3-13-545001-5) Pkt Atl
          Skalak&Chien, Bioengg Hbk (70577838, I worked for them)
          Hudson, Engineer Manual (471418447) (or EIT93227627X ChE912045965)
          C-S Yih, Fluid Mechanics (960219005)
          Porter, Competitive Strategy, (29253608 not the pinko/pol/trade bk)
          Breck & Sydaester, Eco Math Manual, (387543708)
          Meyers, Mol Bio Ref (1560815698)
          Amis & Stevenson, Early Statge Investing (273649167)
          Copeland & Weston, Financial Theory (201102919)
          Oldham & Morris, Personality Self-Portrait (55305757X)
          Byrd, Handwritting Analysis (668053119)
          Bronshtein & Semendyayev, Math Hbk (442211716)
          World Almanac (not the pinko "Information Please" junk)
          Berle, Biz Agreements, (131746324)
          Menzel, Fund Formul Physics (486605965) (Dover 31E2MnlaNY11501-3582)
          MGH Schaum Outlines (best way to learn any engineering topic)
          Dthimitrakos Desk Greek Dictionary
          Eleftherudthakis Encyclopedic Dictionary (2vol desk ency)
          --Greece Booksellers--
          Eleftherudthakis 4NikkiGR10563 FAX +301-323-9821
          Zoe Brotherhood 21 Ay Ioanu Ag par GR15342EU 2106391228
Frequents: CBSACNY.Org, MITEF-NYC.Org, NYBA.Org, TheCathedral.GOArch.Org, 
          LES.Org, QWAFAFEW.Org, NYAS.Org, NYAM.Org,, HMSNY.Org,
          HamptonJitney.Com to Gin Ln & L Plains Rd SH via Flushing stop
Drives:   1975 10-speed  Schwinn Continental
          bicycle, also twillight blue.  Learned  to drive on my uncle's 1965
          285ci v8 light-metallic-blue Chevy Impala SS. Only car my dad or I 
          ever owned 1978 Blue 440v8 4bbl Cordoba (1978-2010) 
Prefers:  Bach,  Mozart,  Lehar,   Reagan,  Quayle,   Serf Maltese, Frick
          Museum,  Spoiled  kids,  Obsessive cleanliness,  Submarines,  Slide
	  Rules,   Honduran president-sized cigars, Cephalonian  Cantatas,     
          Mitch   Miller   songs,   Samoyed   dogs; cinderblock  buildings; 
          Strong-willed, bright, honest, perky, forthright, Orthodox-able lasses
Avoids:   Picasso, Rock&Roll, Cable TV, conspiracy theories, Alban Berg,
          movies, small cars, old buildings; web pages w ISMAP/FRAMEs.
          Didn't wear jeans before 2005.
          Blatherous   pseudocivilisatn   of   bookcafes  for   "alternative"
          "dummies".    Turkatollahs   Kakamemies  and affiliated  Bolshevoid
          NeoFeudals;  Varmint-Mental   GeoPagans;   Petrurbedly   Perorating  
          Putrid   Pinko   Petunias;   Quackandroid   pornocommunists     who
          support(ed)  Quackandreou,  Quackarios,duQuackey  and  Quackadaffy;
          Multiculturalist Maastwreckbationists; Germ McPain; Whole Mole Dole
          Hole; Putrid Bullcanon;  and other (periskelidoblexian) people  who
          don't think.  Anyone who uses word  "ecumenism" (whether positively
          or   negatively).  Saucy/soupy  food. Pants touching shoes. Being a 
          spectator instead  of a participant.  Lassies with  clunky or  open
          shoes, frazzled  hair,  or  clothes dragging floor.  The words that
          offend me most  are "don't  think" and "forget".
Stands:   Am very opinionated but like least those without opinions!
          Ideologies are heuristic shortcuts but individuals are living facts.
          80% academics, politicians & homeless are paranoid schizophrenics!
          Coward Ollie North betrayed Reagan but hero Poindexter was steadfast
          Continuation of ancient peoples frustrates historical innovators
          Devolve NYC tax/spend authority to coterminous council/CB districts
          Localise taxes close to their use;No LT Cap Gn tax;Desubsidise debt.
          Make torts & regulatory oversite mutually exclusive
          Privacy and free speech are mutually exclusive
          Set school stds by test (even college) then dereg delivery
          Standardise the rail tracks but franchise out the routes
          Vendacards are privatised currency - therefore good
          Oswald acted alone. Elvis is dead. The UN is lame.
History:  I was  born  in Astoria, NY and have lived in  the NYC part of Long
          Island's Gold Coast since I was four.  I'm full  of contradictions:
          Conservative   yet  Ivy  League,  NYC   yet  Long   Island,  Greek, 
          yet  (Pindus)  Alpine!  My  mom's  family  first  came   to  Castle 
          Garden,   NYC  in  1885   from   Trilofos   Ieropiyis,    Kastoria, 
          Makethonia,  Greece but  my mom  was born in  Athens,  Greece.  She 
          used to  be a typist in  the Greek Pentagon and  her oldest brother
          once ran the Greek rails and her cousin used to run the Greek  NATO
          mission.  My mom's  dad  was  kidnapped and  killed by the  reds at 
          the Tomb of the Thousand on Mt Olympus, just as my mom was about to
          take the  exams  to enter  Athens  Polytechnic  to  be  a  chemical  
          engineer; This event shaped my  political beliefs.  My dad was born
          in  Karryes Prussu, Evrytania,  Aetolia, Greece, lost  both of  his
          parents before age five and studied at Athens Business School, CCNY
          (Chem Engg), & U S Carolina.  Born on the side of a cliff,  he kept
          moving  to ever  larger towns  seeking  ever  more  advanced  night 
          schools - his ENTIRE  education was  at night.  His  older  brother
          wrote the  book which transformed postWW2 Greek  schoolgardens into
          engines  of scientific  education  and  was later asst to  Educ Min 
          Karapiperis.  My dad  now has more family in the  western Carolinas 
          than in Greece.
Ancestry: Vasilios-Petros  (Vasos) Panagiotopoulos, son  of John, grandson of 
          Vasilios  and  Panayota (Kaltsuni  of  Vlahernae), greatgrandson of 
          Khristodthoros  and  Yeoryia (Stinga),  of  the clan Panaetuloyanis  
          (subclan  of  Kutzukeus  The Short), from  Karryes  Prussu  on  Mt.  
          Panaetolikos, in Aetolia and  Evrytania; Also son of Mary, daughter
          of  Peter Bluhos  and Eleni  (daughter of  Yeoryios  Karamanlis and
          Nerantzula  Pishiu),  and grandaughter  of  Dthimitrios Bluhos  and
          Maria Mizziu,  of the Holy  Fountain of Kastoria in  Makedthonia on
          Aliakmon River.
Influences:All  the great  tragedies  that have  hit my  family suggest  that
          my  outspoken,  ever-inqusitive  parents  seem to  be  hereditarily
          unable  to ignore  the truth  in  favor of  their self-interest;  I
          always felt that the blessings  I had in life were rewards directed
          at  my  parents instead.   Next  in  influencing  me was  my  mom's
          brother,  my  godfather, the  ever-inventive  George Bloychos,  who
          joined the Greek submarines at  thirteen in order not to burden his
          mom when  his dad  was killed,  and then ran  for parliament  to be
          decommissioned and come  to the USA to be  an electronics engineer,
          eventually in  phototypesetting. Then was the  late Czech professor
          Richard  Skalak,  then  director  of  the  Columbia  Bioengineering
          Institute and my high-school  math & piano teacher, the Litwo-Dutch
          Courant  student  William  Mieras.  In no  particular  order,  also
          influential  in  shaping  my   thinking  were  NY  Federal  Reserve
          Columbia-alum  math-statistician  Christopher  MacCallum Kell,  the
          late  Columbia  conflict  management professor  Margaret  Chandler,
          Supply-Side  founder Columbia  professor  Robert Mundell,  Columbia
          artificial  organs  professor  Ed  Leonard,  Columbia  quant  civil
          engineering  professor  Gautam  Dasgupta, +Mrs. Fani  Meimaris  who
          taught me  to write in both  Greek & English at  St Andrew Academy,
          NYS Conservative Party founder  Senator Serf Maltese and Drs Martin
          Cohen  & Philip  Stewart, founders  of  Windsor Prep.  Dr Kell,  Pr
          Dasgupta & Mr Mieras always encouraged  me to test the limits of my
          abilities.  The wisdom  of  Sen  Maltese &  Dr  Cohen gains  deeper
          meaning every  year that passes since  I first heard  it.  I always
          appreciate the blunt but well-considered opinions of Prof.  Leonard
          and Dr. Stewart.
OldCmputr:HP41C, Ampro 2210 w HP2621a
PCNeeds:  Nat Lang harvest of finc & contx data from presss releases
          RightClick Shell Prog to insert text file anywhere
          Use cheap modems to voice broadcast via or
          Find a reasonable sheet music OCR for MIDI
FmrEMail: Engr3.ChE.Panagiotopoulos@CU20A.Columbia.Edu (1978)
          Ext1.Samani@CU20B.Columbia.Edu (1984)  VJP2@BIX.Com (1989)
          70105.1322@CompuServe.Com (1983)       VJP2@Delphi.Com (1994)
          VJP2@Dorsai.Org (1995-2000) VPan@Instruct.GSB.Columbia.Edu (1995-96)


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Shared Project Files

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Pro-Bono Business Educational Information

Tek Management. * Tek Mgt Slideshow. * Innovn Management. * Biotek Industry. * Venture Plan. * Venture Spreadsheet * Distilled Business Reads. * Distilled Venture Reads. * Finder Agreement. * Conflict Management. * Org Management. * ePsy Ventures. * Psychotypology. * Formulas. *


Technical Information

(Some older documents in CMU Scribe and some older software in Stanford SAIL. Some figures missing from papers.)

Blood Viscosity, 1982. * IMRT Bk Rvu. * Finite Differences Option Pricing in MatLab, 1992. * Options Code in C, 1992. * 1D Finite Elements in MatLab, 1992, orig MLAB, 1981. * Evaporator Optimistn in SAIL, 1981. * Pipeline Water Hammers in SAIL, 1981. * Logarithmic Turbulence, 1983. * Fermentation Stage (Proto Wavelet), 1981-83. * My undergraduate subroutine collection in SAIL, 1981. * Biotek Glossary. * Quant Finance Glossary. * Ambitious Biotechnologies. * Ambitious Regressions. *
Here is a small program that calculates postage by nummber of pages Source Code, Executable and Python version *
Anyone want to join me in trying to create continuous time macroeconomics PDEs using Feynman Kac on a Klein type model? Feyn Kac Klein. *


Poltical & Ethnic Information

Tax. * My Conservatism * My Hellenism * Abortion. * Distilled Humanities Reads. * Campaigning. * Health Deform. * New York. * Education. * Pseudoscience. * Greece. * Speak Greek. * Japan. * Speak Japanese. * Greek Debt Crisis. * 1975 Core (studied for SAT/GRE/ACH/ACT; since this was scanned from microfiche it takes a few seconds to dither). *

President Reagan and Archbishop Iakovos

Religious Information

Orthodoxy. * USA Orthodoxy. * Encyclical on Vatican. * On Protestantism. * Canons on Phyletism and Diaspora. * On Ecumenism. *

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Photos of me, my parents and other family. Key to Photo Album

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Memorials to my Parents
Marquis' Who's Who citation
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Advice I sent my younger cousins.
Foto of me with my fmr county GOP chair
Foto of me talking to inventor of MRI