Thursday is a great night for Poker.

Tonight I played in 2 tournaments on Full Tilt Poker that both started at 9pm.

1. The Ante Up Invitational ($5 + $.50), which is for listeners of the phenomenal poker podcast Ante Up.

2. The Gavin Charity Satellite ($0 + $25) all proceeds go to charity and the winner gets to play in a charity tournament hosted by Gavin Smith at the Bash at the Boathouse.

I managed to come in 2nd in the one where 2nd paid something and first in the one where first was the only place that mattered. Definitely a good night for poker. Happy

It was a lot of fun. Because both of the tournaments were made up of specific communities it was better chat than your average tournament, Of course I didn't chat much because I needed to concentrate on getting hit by the deck. I must have had AA six or seven times over the course of the evening. I think I played fairly well too. I did, at one point, get all my money in with the worst hand and then got lucky to hit it, but who hasn't? I had plenty of bad beats myself, so I'll take the good ones when they happen. Happy

And I guess, as long as I am talking poker, I did win a double shootout on PokerStars yesterday. Just a small $11 buy in with the first prize being a seat in the Sunday Million Dollar Guarantee Tournament.

Now, I just have to switch my strategy so instead of winning the $5 and $10 tournaments, and losing the $200 ones, I lose the little ones and win the big ones.

Well, maybe soon. Happy